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Mud Therapy Kit

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Mud Therapy is an ancient remedy that still works today. It is as it sounds: you put mud on your body and in less than 2 minutes, a lot of toxins are removed from your body. It is rather magical as it works so quickly. You can mudpack all your main organs and chief complaint areas. We recommend you start with organs and hands/feet then soak. A few days later you can try your chief complaint spots – after doing the organs, these may already be healed and feel better. For custom directions, please schedule a personal consult and we can help you create a custom plan.

Please remember to consult with a doctor or your health care provider before doing any new detox programs. We are not liable to you for any outcomes of using these products. Please use this product as your own will and risk.

Mud Therapy Kit Includes:
  • Detox ND
  • Medi Body Pack
  • HCL
  • Medi Bath
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This item is not returnable and not refundable. It is vital information about your stress, cholesterol and hormone balance.
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