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I come across thousands of different health products in my work and I’ve seen many great products, but I have personally picked the best of the best for you so you can enjoy limitless health with simple health solutions.

-Julie E

I come across thousands of different health products in my work and I’ve seen many great products, but I have personally picked the best of the best for you so you can enjoy limitless health with simple health solutions.

-Julie E

About Julie

Julie E, MPH, RD, is an accomplished nutritionist and functional medicine expert with both a passion and over 30 years experience in helping people improve their health. Don’t let the titles fool you, Julie is not your conventional nutritionist. She uses Simple Health Solutions, to unlock Unlimited Healing and Boundless Possibilities for you in a way that is holistic, natural and in a way that agrees with your body.

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Her Expertise

Diet Plan


Energy and Functional Medicine Practitioner


Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Master


years of experience

"Using tried and true methods to achieve permanent healing, not quick fixes, I create precise, customized programs for your 'today' body."

In 2000, Julie founded Julie E Health, a holistic wellness practice and natural health website to help clients who needed better ways to heal than traditional medicine.

In her integrative medicine practice, Julie works with people of all ages to help cure ailments not just on the surface level, but  from the roots. Her clients nationwide include professional athletes, musicians, actors, Olympic champions and hopefuls, expectant moms, children and even animals. She is something of a Doctor Do-It-All.

A Doctor Do-it-All.

Julie uses non- invasive testing that instantly detects weaknesses in organs, glands and body systems. She uses different expert tools such as lasers, energy modalities, nutrients, mud therapy, grounding techniques, and oils remove the blockages and problems in your body to help you truly feel better in a very short time.

A pioneer in holistic wellness, Julie E focuses on addressing the distinctive challenges of your “today” body. Emotional stress, diet, toxins, and environmental factors affect your body’s chemistry and health from day to day.  Through gentle inquiry, Julie connects all the dots from a holistic perspective to offer a personalized health regimen that works just for you. Her success rate is outstanding, all of her clients experience improvement and relief. 

A Primary

Care Practitioner

Most of Julie’s clients refer to her as the “primary care practitioner” for their family. With over 30 years of wellness experience and continuous research, Julie has truly mastered the simplest solutions to build and keep a healthy life. 
Julie is also an author, magazine columnist, blogger, public speaker and media resource person. She has been a guest expert on ESPN fitness shows, interviewed for holistic health-related articles and podcasts and she has taught seminars on the topics of keeping your kids healthy, new-age nutrition, and herbal medicine among others.

Julie's experience as a Registered Dietician and passion for simple solutions led her to write “The No Diet Diet”. This book is designed to help anyone put together healthy, great-tasting meals in five minutes or less, with foods that need little or no preparation. Recipes consist of fresh, canned or frozen foods, take-out items and healthy herbs or sauces you likely have in the house. Shopping lists, and kitchen tools suggestions are also given for easy and stress-free “cooking” even on the go.  The No Diet Diet is available on our online store.

Julie is also the creator of the StretchBall™. Based on her learnings from years of teaching fitness classes, Julie made the StretchBall™ an evolution in well-being. Stretching is just as important to health and body functioning as regular exercise, yet most people spend little to no time doing it. When we stretch, we get long, lean, flexible muscles and we are less likely to get hip, knee, back and neck pain. Rolling and breathing on the ball gives the best stretch and massage you’ve had in your life. It feels great, it’s easy to use, and it’s portable. Available from our online store.

Julie’s quest for health and fitness started in her teens, when she took over the family food shopping and cooking. Her passion for wellness led her to make a career out of helping people eat, feel and live better. Julie lives in Southern California where she enjoys traveling, yoga, surfing, and discovering nutritious recipes to share with her 18-year old son. Her son has also never missed a day of school for illness. Like mother, like son, huh? Julie and her family live healthy the Julie E way and Julie has reversed her cellular age (telomeres) to that of a 12 year old, with two lab tests to prove it. You can also get your cellular age test done with our partners at UCLA.

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