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Julie E Live Talk!
"The 5 Things Missing from
Your Health Regimen"
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Julie E Recommends:

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True Dark
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Aspen Green

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Discover Alkaline, Ionized, Ultra Water!
What kind of water do you drink? Julie recommend that EVERYONE ensures they are getting the BEST quality water possible.

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Wave Block
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Stress & Anxiety


Nutrition & Pain

Never Be Hangry



Prop 65

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Client Testimonials

"My son's pediatrician could do nothing for him, which is not unusual for mononucleosis, but Julie had him back to school in 3 days."

Elizabeth - Maitland, FL

"After a session with Julie E you are refreshed,

revived and ready to take on the world."

Christine – Manhattan Beach, CA

"I’ve been seeing Julie for 13 years and so have my 3 kids and 2 grandkids. Julie is the best. She stays current in many new facets of healing and health work." 

Liane – Hermosa Beach, CA

"Julie is THE best. I’ve been seeing her for over 10 years. I drive an hour each way to see her, because I always feel better.  She’s improved my life and the I couldn't live without the things she does for me, my body and mind." 

Michele – Hollywood, CA


"After my first visit with Julie, I had more energy than I have in months, lost weight and was able to exercise all week and still feel good."

JC – Los Angeles, CA

"My 90 year old dad was in so much pain. He wasn’t talking at all, wasn’t walking for a few days. I did a virtual session with Julie E - she had me tap and swipe a few places on his body, guided me through a few other easy things while we were on the phone and by the next day he had NO more inflammation. He was up a lot peeing, but he walked up and down the hallway on his own. He wouldn’t stop talking for 2 hours and had so much energy. He felt so good. I also gave him nutrients Julie recommended. It was all the great work and clearing Julie did for him. We had a physical therapist come and dad was like himself again! I can’t thank Julie enough." 

Maria - New York, NY

"Julie is passionate about educating her clients, equips them with tools to take better care of themselves and create healthier homes. Each session is an incredible learning experience."

Michelle – Redondo Beach, CA

Okay! Honestly I cannot believe how much better I already feel!!

I have so much more mental clarity and energy in two days than I've had in months. Crying cuz I'm so happy. Thank you!

Jessica - Redondo Beach, CA

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