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Simple Solutions. Limitless Healing. 

Find out how to heal your body simply and effectively. 

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Areas of Expertise

  • Anti-Aging

  • Slowing/ reversing cellular aging (telomere length)

  • Organ and Lymphatic System Detox

  • Healing trauma​ (physical & emotional)

  • EMF remediation

  • Energy and the Bio Field

  • Hormone, pH and Blood Sugar Balance

  • Mind-Body Connection

What Julie Can Do For You

  • Personalized Health Assessment 

  • Nutrition Evaluation

  • Energy Healing

  • Non-invasive Health Testing

  • Interpretation of Lab Results

  • Holistic Medicine Modalities

  • Education (Seminars, Workshops, Published Content)

  • Public Speaking

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"I've been using Julie's vitamins for under a year and my vitamin D levels have never been this high. My immune system has improved and I no longer experience fatigue."
- Martha (Los Angeles)

What Julie E can do for you

"My son's pediatrician could do nothing for him, which is not unusual for mononucleosis, but Julie had him back to school in 3 days."
- Elizabeth (Florida)

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