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Spa Day

Simple Solutions Detoxing

The Healthiest and Most Thorough way to Detox your Body is to Assure ALL Detox Organs are Supported. 

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Choose a Simple Solutions Detox Program 


Simple Solutions
Dental Detox Programs


Poor Dental Health can affect your whole body.  Everything starts with the mouth so we have to nurture it. 

DIY Online Class Coming Soon 

This dental detox kit has ALL of the products you need to detox your mouth from all of the harmful chemicals that you can put in it day to day.

Your mouth also needs to be detoxed. 

If you had teeth or gum issues, root canals, implants, or had recent dental work done.

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We really need to nurture our entire

body, and look at dental health as part of the Whole-istic approach to health.

It works both ways your digestion affects your teeth and dental health, and our dental health affects the rest of our health. 

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