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Body Talk

Dental health is responsible for 20% of our overall health. It works both ways that our digestion affects our teeth and dental health, and our dental health affects the rest of our health.   Learn more here. 

Holistic Dental Health

EMF radiation emitted from our electronic devices directly affects our health.  Learn how to minimize EMF exposure with this simple solution.

Protect Yourself from

EMF exposure

Dental health is responsible for 20% of our overall health. It works both ways that our digestion and overall health affect our dental health. 

Keep Your Dental Health Immaculate

Not all multivitamins are created equal. 

Download this helpful guide to learn more. 


Liver Flush Recipe - How to perform an efficient Liver Cleanse.   

DIY Liver Flush

Castor oil is a plant-derived oil from the castor bean, which has nothing short of magical properties for wellness. Learn more about the remarkable things that it can do for you.

The Benefits of

Castor Oil

You are what you eat…but also what you put on your skin and in your hair!! This guide helps you to avoid toxic ingredients that are hazardous to your health - often without you even knowing it.

13 Common Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid

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