Holistic health expert, registered dietitian and functional medicine practitioner with 30+ years of experience, Julie offers her clients simple, personalized solutions to improve their quality of life.

Western doctors focus on a single organ or function of the body, without considering the mind-body connection. Julie E works like a private detective, seeking out the root causes of health issues, and offering unique, safe and effective remedies backed by science. Her integrative approach to wellness includes a tool chest of alternative methods that most clients have never heard of, yet provide them instant relief from their ailments, leaving them healthier, happier and living better in no time. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Anti-Aging

  • Slowing/ reversing cellular aging (telomere length)

  • Organ and Lymphatic System Detox

  • Healing trauma​ (physical & emotional)

  • EMF remediation

  • Energy and the Bio Field

  • Hormone, pH and Blood Sugar Balance

  • Mind-Body Connection

What Julie Can Do For You

  • Personalized Health Assessment & Diagnosis

  • Nutrition Evaluation

  • Energy Healing

  • Non-invasive Health Testing

  • Interpretation of Lab Results

  • Holistic Medicine Modalities

  • Education (Seminars, Workshops, Published Content)

  • Public Speaking

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(310) 503-6336