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Simple Solutions Detoxing

The Healthiest and most thorough way to Detox your body is to assure ALL detox organs are supported. 

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Choose a Simple Solutions Detox Program 


Simple Solutions
Mud Therapy Detox Program: 

Thoroughly Detox in minutes

The best way to detox is through the skin. Mud therapy allows us to eliminate toxic substances that build up in our system from the environment or such things as heavy metals, hair dye, vaccines or anesthesia.

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Why Mud Detox?

Mud absorbs and penetrates to remove toxins deep in the skin the body.

When the Intestines are Sluggish all the Waste Recirculates Causing Hormone Issues, Constipation, and Gas

Improves your skin, gets rid of rashes 

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A high toxic load may result in skin problems, frequent or recurring colds, chronic pains, low energy levels, constipation, allergies or many other illnesses.

Digestion problems can be improved with mud spread on the stomach

Mud draws out excess heat from the body Toxic substances in the body are diluted and absorbed and ultimately eliminated from the body.

50% of toxins are removed using Mud in just a few minutes.

Online Class Coming Soon 

Mud Therapy has been used for centuries to detoxify and cleanse the body through the skin (our largest organ). One hour of mud packing can be equivalent to 6 months of ‘typical’ detoxing. 

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