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Your Environment Makes or Breaks Your Health

With all the lockdowns of 2020, you may have noticed lagging wifi, slow signals, and high demand for streaming services. What you may not have realized, is that while we have spent so much time inside our homes, many towns and buildings were installing 5G to keep our services up and running. This may sound great - you’ll be able to stay connected and up to speed – but we must ask ourselves, at what cost?

The frequencies that come out of 5G affect every cell in the human body…negatively. It is said that the 5G waves radiating out of these structures are like military microwaves with a pulse system! Now, with ‘Air Gigs’ it will be impossible to go anywhere without 5G exposure…sure our devices will work at lightning speed and everywhere, but what about our bodies? These devices have been tested to make sure the tech works, but have never been tested for their health consequences on humans or pets. However, many have said that the first cities with 5G found many birds dead soon thereafter. Yikes. In 2021 laws are being passed that will permit tech companies to install towers in your own backyard!!! With all the waves, static, and radiation, it is more important now than ever before to make Vastu and EMF remediation a priority for your family.

What is Vastu?

Simply put, Vastu is what Feng Shui came from. Many know of Feng Shui for their look and feel and balancing out the home. Vastu is everything Feng Shui and more – considering the electronic frequencies and the energy of the space around us. It is the Ayurvedic practice of enhancing positive energies in an environment while eliminating negative ones. If this doesn’t immediately resonate with you, I’d like you to close your eyes and imagine a waiting room of some sort. There are big windows and lots of natural light shining through, peaceful music, some plants on a neatly organized front desk, the gentle sound of a water feature in the distance…doesn’t that sound serene? Now picture the opposite – a poorly lit waiting room with little to no natural light, dark walls, the only sound a hum of the fluorescent bulbs overhead buzzing, a messy stack of papers at the front desk, and dust on the floor. Now how do you feel? Our environment is one element that so many of us can agree has a massive effect on our mood and energy, so why not do whatever it takes to make our environments a place free from harmful EMFs and one of synergy, health, and wellness?

What is Vastu Remediation?

I’d like you to think of Vastu as a way of elevating your space. It’s not just a matter of rearranging your home, it’s taking your current environment and transforming it into a space that not only makes you FEEL good but also protects you from the invisible chaos surrounding us. It’s a SIMPLE way to take your health into your own hands.

I have been studying Vastu for more than 16 years- and for that long, my home and health clinic have been completely Vastu; they are grounded and EMFs are blocked. That’s right – it is possible to create a positive, EMF-protected space in your home so you can live healthfully during the day and sleep at night knowing you’ve put your health first. Most of our clients and customers comment ‘it feels so good in here and many of them have purchased small or larger kits for doing the same at their home, while others have hired us to do it for them. Who wouldn’t want to have a safe haven while we’re spending so much time at home and on computers? Especially when the effects of 5G might include consistent stomach aches, nausea, dizziness, a weak immune system, and overall failure to heal.

It’s time to transform your home into a healing space! Improve the energy of your surroundings, your life, and cultivate health. Start by reading What is Vastu to get a deeper understanding of just how powerful this ancient practice is, and then take it to the next level with our DIY Vastu Instructions for your home or office!

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