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Anti-Aging PART I: Aging Does Not = Decline!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

What does growing older mean to you? Does it mean becoming wiser and better or do you equate the term with aches, pains and health problems? Do you feel that you’re improving overall or breaking down like an old VW? Does aging equate with brown ‘age’ spots, sagging skin, hearing aids, doctor-hopping and prescription meds?

Most people have a dismal view of aging. Sure, growing older means that we’ve spent more combined time exposed to toxicity and stress. But I see no reason we must grow to expect aches, pains or general limitations to the body. This is a myth, plain and simple. It makes no logical sense that these things are pre-destined just because many others have experienced such things. If you know me, you know I don’t do anything the traditional way and I don’t believe the things I’m merely ‘expected’ to believe. I like to test the veracity for myself and am exhilarated when I can bring truth to status quo misconceptions about health.

Even more exciting to me is the knowledge that we can undo much of the stress/ aches/ pains in our bodies that years of athletics, bad posture, poor nutrition and environmental toxins may have created. I’ve seen it over and over in my clinical practice. Through nutrition therapy, education and reframed beliefs, the tale of The Little Engine that Could is not fated to becomeThe Little Engine that Couldn’t Because of Age.

Of course, we all grow older chronologically, but this need not be synonymous with falling apart. We can actually feel great as we mature! I’m not saying we’ll always have the energy or mobility of a teenager, but we need not agonize into our Golden Years.

When we ingest antioxidants into our body in high doses, we ensure our detox organs are flushed out and cleaned regularly. When we get adequate sleep, all systems within the body function better and we lessen toxicity and the associated deficiencies that occur. These are sweeping yet critical methods to halt and even reverse the aging process. On a more personalized level, there are incredible lab tests that can discover all we need to know about your body’s state of health and prediction of how you’ll age. Most likely, your regular MD doesn’tuse these tests - but we do at Julie E Health and they help us empower our clients with knowledge and power.

The Telomere length test, for example is not a diagnostic health test, but rather an aging marker test. This blood test looks at a component of the DNA to tell a patient’s ‘cellular age’. I practice what I preach, living a very ‘clean’ lifestyle, and have personally completed this test two times. The first time I had the cells of an18-year old. Just 3 years later, after making additional changes to my routine, the test showed to have the telomeres of a 12-year-old! So, stick with me and you can tap into the Fountain of Youth. I am here to show you what it is and how it works. My methods are advanced, yet common sense and alternative in nature meaning many of my clients have not heard of them before. Simply put,they work,and thousands of testimonials bear witness to it. I help adults, children – even pets to achieve greater wellbeing. I’m somewhat of a pioneer in that I combine deep experience in nutrition, alternative medicine, energy work and anti-aging in my practice. Pioneers pave the way, yet they are often questioned or ridiculed. I’m immune to that noise, yet still my clinical practice has a waiting list and most of my clients stay with me for years. Many eventually bring their kids and grandkids too. Consider that Linus Pauling, who suggested humans need mega doses of vitamin C for better health, was put in jail and ridiculed for his beliefs. It’s the pioneers who are unafraid to buck the status quo and forge a new path. Traditional western medicine will always regard alternative medicine as a lesser form of their craft. But I can’t tell you how many people I have helped AFTER they sought help from a Western MD to no avail and finally came to me.

As I mentioned earlier, there is an emotional piece to anti-aging.  From youth, we’re we are programmed to believe that the body breaking down is an inevitability. I ask you to consider a vintage, 75-year-old car you see on the road. Many of them are in better shape than the cars that rolled off the lot only 5 years ago. With proper care, a “classic” model is in immaculate shape and functionality, while others get retired after 10 years on the road. The difference is attention to detail and precautionary care. Our bodies are similar. To properly maintain a car, we do an oil change every 3,000 miles, keep the fluids topped off, put in new spark plugs and hoses regularly. To maintain a healthy body, we must put criticalnutrients into our body, get massages, stretch till we have mobility and flexibility in all directions, detox regularly, and get physical therapy till our aches, pains and injuries are not a factor. Whatever it takes. There are times we need more support and there are times we do great with less. It’s an ebb and flow, with changing toxicity in the air and food, and stress levels that life offers us.

Think of it this way, if we have 50 units of stress in one day, we need a minimum of 50 units of ‘anti-stress’ just to be at equilibrium. If we’re aiming to be fantastic, we’ll need 75-100 units of anti-stress (antioxidants, for example). If our digestion is poor, we need digestive enzymes. If we

don’t eat a lot of minerals, we need more minerals than one would think. My point on this is if we have infection or toxicity, then we need more than one would think. So, it comes down to finding the right balance of nutrients given the factors of one’s life at a specific given time. Sadly, a US-grown peach from 1970 had the same levels of nutrients as 23 peachesgrown in 2010. So, we have to be strategic about how we get the healthy nutrients we need into our bodies, in order to just maintain. For anti-aging effects, we need to be even more intentional! If you’re not the healthiest eater, you’ll definitely need supplements (hence their name). The more stress we take in emotionally, physically, environmentally, via lack of sleep or EMF stress – the more nutrients we’ll need to supplement.

Instead of just supplementing our diet, we can also remove the major offenders from our lives – sugar, hard to digest food and yes- stress! We can remove stress from the body in so many different ways - through meditation, sleep, grounding techniques, yoga, saunas, and other holistic remedies.

To summarize, staving off the negative effects of aging means we need MORE nutrients and LESS toxicity and stress. And it is not as hard as you might think. Want to learn my secrets? Stay tuned for our next blog5 Foolproof Methods to Anti-Aging From Julie E.

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