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All About the Measles

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

If you are feeling concerned and worried that you or your child might contract the measles and you’re worried this will become a serious health problem – relax. There is no reason to fear – at all. The measles is actually just like a cold with a mere fever of 101 and some red spots on the skin. This too shall pass. There is estimated to be no harm to almost everyone.

I answer questions and concerns daily about rashes and spots on people’s skin. The truth is your skin is your biggest organ, and if you have something inside you that is no coming out in your bowels – well it comes out through your skin. I have seen 50 different types of red rashes over the last couple of years and not one of them has ever been the measles. If you’re really worried about your skin or your child’s, be sure you all have 2-4 bowel movements/day and you take Vitamin D3, minerals, electrolytes, B vitamins and that you EMF re-mediate your phone. With these basic essentials, some healthy food and rest, and the body will heal itself.

Don’t you recall how effective the human body is at healing? We put a cast on a broken bone and a few weeks later its better – even if your diet is horrible and you barely sleep – right? The human body is a miraculous machine. If pharma could invent a vaccine to heal injuries, I guarantee they would put the fear of death into you that you need this too. Right?

Isn’t that what they are so good at doing? They make you afraid that you can’t do anything without their medicines. And I just did some research and every medicine I searched had at least 8 possible horrible side effects. Vitamins, kale, cold pressed juice, electrolytes, rest and love can help anything to heal and the only horrible side effects would be – um – none – there are none. Little House on the Prairie was a great example of how back in the day, they used plants and herbs to heal illnesses. While it is wonderful that we do have drugs and medicine to use – for emergencies and life or death situations – it is a serious problem that people are prescribed medicines they are to be taking for the next 3-25 years. Why so long? Because our medical system never recommends kale, spinach, grass fed meats and nutritious food as their solution. Rather, our system provides doctors with continuing education paid for by pharma so a majority of the education is about medicines. I don’t blame doctors for following their system – its what they know. I do blame doctors for poo poo ing the power of nutrition and health practices that have zero negative side effects.

Let’s rewind back to the days of the Brady Bunch. Peter came home from school and he was fine – he said they sent him home because he had 101 fever and the measles. A few scenes later Mrs Brady points out that he has a great big smile – because he gets to miss school. If the measles was a deadly disease, do you think the lighthearted Brady Bunch would really joke about it? NO!

A few scenes later all of the Brady kids have the measles – no one is worried and Jan says: “if you have to be sick, you can’t beat the measles, no medicine and no shots’ and they all cheer. Fast forward to the end of the episode and they have a checkoff chart for each child and each illness they had and then they said ‘we’re all immune for life, we already all had the measles’ – that is because that is how it works. Once you had the chicken pox, you’ll never get it again – remember? So who cares if you got it? Once you have the measles, your immune system is now stronger. Remember how that works?

The reason for your fear is the push the DHHS and Big Pharma have created. That is the ONLY reason you are worried. And while you’ve feared this ‘deadly disease’, Merck (the only company that makes the MMR) has quadrupled their income in Q1 of 2019. Coincidence? Planned?

Furthermore, on June 7, 2019 Merck said they would donate $48 million to the capital of NY, Albany for a new project. Their partners in crime (no pun intended –what they did is actually white collar crime and they are being sued as I write this) Johnson & Johnson, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Pfizer, Google, Microsoft and numerous corporate investment firms. Then, on June 13 without a hearing, both the Senate and Assembly of NY State took away religious exemptions to vaccines – meaning thousands of children will now need 50-72 vaccines ASAP. Who is the winner of this? Pharma et al of course. The loser? All the children who will either not be allowed to public school, those who will not be allowed in public places (yes this Nazi-like law has been in place in certain locations in NY), and then there are those who will partake in vaccines they never did prior many will not fair well.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of vaccination is a wonderful idea. We all want health and immunity. What we don’t want is aborted fetal male cells going into our baby girls and we don’t want aborted fetal female cells going into our baby boys. And there are numerous other ingredients my health knowledge disagrees with. Even if these were essential to make the vaccine effective – what we don’t want is to be forced to have 72 or more vaccines into our children and that is what is on the table in so many states right now. When you succumb to the fear they are instilling, then they have won. When you realize that the amount of aluminum and harmful substrates and ingredients is exorbitant and much higher than one human baby or child can handle – then you’ve seen the light.

Hey, with all our cold pressed juicing and our 45,000 vitamin companies and our knowledge and technology of 2019 – don’t you think someone can compose a healthy vaccine??? I’d love to see this! Until that day arises, be clear to know that having 49 vaccines by 7 months of age is not agreed upon by most and having the government force someone to do this is not a democracy. It is quite the opposite. Stand up for yourself and your rights. Look into the laws that are on the table in your state. Connect with like minded parents. Be sure to ONLY vote for those who share your same beliefs or at least don’t intend to take $$$ from pharma in return for a favor of changing your fate. Wake up and speak your voice.

Just as a quick reminder, I have a Masters in Public Health from the #2 school in this country, UNC and we were tied with Harvard when I attended – so I do know a few things about Public Health – and one of the biggest Public Health problems right now is the amount of time and money parents spend trying to figure out what is wrong with their child – since they were healthy up until their recent vaccine. And the fact that in California – there is a bill on the table called SB 276, which will take away the Medical Exemption from the 0.7% of children who are already medically fragile and, most likely, cannot handle 71 more shots or they may suffer additional severe health problems including death. Did you know that Death is written as one of the side effects on the MMR package insert????

Truthful Statistics:

Since 2015

Measles deaths – 1

Death from MMR vaccine – 455

Encephalopathy, Ocular Palsy, Neurologic problems and other health related injuries from the MMR – 93,149

*it is estimated that only 10% of injuries are reported.

*please note that this message is intended to inform you of some truths. It is not meant to create any arguments. It is not intended to replace any medical advice from your own doctor or health care provider. The Media is owned by Pharma and barely reports any truths. I honor the truth and I honor you having a choice for yourself and your child. The government should not mandate chemical warfare into your bodies.

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