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Anti-Aging PART II: 5 Foolproof Methods to Keeping Your Body Young!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

These secrets are really a lifelong process for healing that I like to call the Journey to Optimal Health. You won’t find any quick fixes here. Rather, remedies to consider for a lifetime. Let this process be a conscious daily hobby of healing yourself, looking and feeling at your very best.

1. Digital Toxins (EMFs).

EMF (electromagnetic field) remediation on devices is an absolute must. Nowadays, these digital toxins are everywhere.  Experts say that EMFs cause an acceleration of all the symptoms of aging - including memory loss, inflammation and even cancer. Since the dawn of the digital age we’ve exposed ourselves to computer, laptop and now phone screens that emit heat (read: energy). Many people, particularly kids don’t make the connection if they feel poorly after spending an entire day in front of a screen. Today’s fast-paced world has made us slaves to our devices. Most people have several of them, nearly all buildings have at least one WiFi router, and some homes even have ‘smart’ meters. (What a misnomer!) I actually pay the utility company for the privilege of not having a smart meter on my home, which I find outrageous. In any event, EMF remediation on our devices is a must. Some people wear pendants and crystals that provide energy and protection but are left vulnerable when these items are removed. My rule for 24/7 defense is EMF remediation stickers applied to every device. I’ve been using them for almost 2 decades and they work. Without the stickers, devices can pull coQ10, minerals and antioxidants out of our body. With the stickers, these harmful effects are neutralized and blocked. Not all stickers are created equal. There are a few on the market that truly work, but I’ve found the best of the best which are offered on our website. I recommend 2 stickers per device, or 1 packet. For larger laptops or tablets with touchscreens, best to double up with 4 stickers. I assure you that these are a tiny price to pay vs. the cost of a computer, tablet or smart-phone. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones, to put these on every single device.

2. Work on Your ‘Assembly Line’

As we age, we must keep our main detox organs working optimally. Because of the way these organs work in the body, I refer to them as the Assembly Line. They include the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, intestines and lymph. In a traditional assembly line, when one guy doesn’t show up for work, it backs up the line and disaster ensues. The detox organs work just the same way. If the gallbladder is tired, stressed or overloaded with toxins, it can cause a back up of the liver (the prior detox step). When the liver is stressed, people often feel anger, irritability, and even depression. These symptoms arise whether the liver is the problem, or the gallbladder is backing up and stressing the liver. The bottom line is that all detox organs must be considered and treated, because the body is simply exposed to a toxic load all day long. Maximizing our body’s ability to detox prevents a huge array of health problems – just about every issue you can name! Just like when the car works and sounds better after an oil change, our body functions so much better and with more ease when the detox organs are all flowing nicely.

3. Address your body’s scars

We must download all the toxins (get them out of our body) from every surgical scar in our body, as well as any major trauma sites. While this may seem a daunting task for a former athlete, it is absolutely essential.  For any scar 2 inches or longer, it has been shown that areas of the body or the nearby organs, glands or muscle tissue will contain toxins or infection associated to the scar. Removing these toxins can be a process that takes years. We must strengthen the detox organs first (the Assembly Line) and then we can work on our scars. Some of the work we can do on scars topically includes remedies like topical Castor, Eucalyptus, Lavender oil, or Mud Therapy. Internally we can use natural antibacterial or anti-fungal supplements such as Reishi, Olive leaf, Allicidin, Immunoven, aloe detox or oregano. All of these can be found in our shop. Address your scars and everything else improves, permanently.

4. Emotional balance

To thrive as we age, we absolutely must keep our emotional body in check. In addition to all the physical toxins in our environment, there are also many emotional toxins! It could be a negative friend who’s always down in the dumps, a harsh boss or merely the effects of watching the news on TV! Anything that rubs you the wrong way and continues to disappoint you or create stress for you is an emotional toxin. Even medical doctors can create emotional trauma with intimidating diagnoses that requires medication or surgery. As you may be aware, prescribing (antibiotics, pain meds, etc.) or cutting are the ‘go-to’s for Western medical providers. In order to protect their liability, these doctors will often: A) scare patients into believing meds or surgery are the only way, or B) tell patients a symptom is ‘in their mind’ and that there’s ‘nothing wrong’ with them. This happens all of the time. It is quite challenging to trust that you can be well and reverse the aging process when your doctor is so limited in the scope of their diagnosis and treatment.

Many people store and bury emotional stresses in their body for years – some as from as far back as childhood. For example, someone who injures a knee amidst a divorce or during a car accident may hold trauma in that knee for years. The gradual process of healing emotional trauma is like peeling back the layers of the onion. Memories and thought patterns associated with these traumas are complex, such as a grade school teacher saying ‘you’re never going to succeed’ or a high school sweetheart who lied to you. To really thrive, we must clear these out of our body and out of our energy fields. The work itself stirs up old emotional traumas. As discussed in #3, healing scars can result in the release of emotional stress into our energy field. If you’ve heard the term ‘aura’ then you’ll know what I mean when I say ‘energy field’. It’s a bit of a spiritual term, synonymous with biofield, as science calls this area around us. Meditating is one method used to clean our energy field. I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept that many successful people and spiritual leaders awake at 4 am just to meditate before they start their day. They suggest that their entire day is much better because of this ritual. I have a similar, simple ritual to clear stressful energy. Simple Body Talk statements that we can speak to ourselves daily – any time of day. There are many ways to clear one’s energy field of negativity. including tapping & swiping (more on that in a minute), a yoga class, a jump in the ocean, or a time-out to just sit and breathe. Whatever your method, get to a mental place every day in which you feel “I got this.”  

5. Magic Limb Downloads

My fifth secret to anti-aging is the magic of our 4 Limbs. I call these our ‘downloads’ because all that happens in our body, drains down our arms and legs energetically and exits our body that way. Yes, everything happening in our head, brain, and neck drain down our arms. A traffic jam in a shoulder from, say an old injury, then blocks our arm from downloading and our head or neck might experience pain - everything backs up when part of the arm is ‘off’ or ‘blocked’. Think of your arm as a hose and the water comes out the center of the hand. If we block a portion of the hose or we put a little kink in the hose, then everything from above that point, will not be able to drain out. Similar to the idea that when we don’t have a bowel movement, the toxins recirculate through the body - and come out on the skin (acne). When energy is supposed to move down and out the body via the hand and there’s a traffic jam in the way - we may experience a headache, shoulder pain, acne on our cheeks or even sinus pain. We have to keep our channels open and flowing at all times. I recommend a protocol of Tapping & Swiping down the arms & legs every single day (learn how here). And medi-soaking your hands and feet - especially in winter months - at least 20 minutes twice a month. While it’s most important to soak the hands and wrist, the ankles and feet, it is certainly okay to take a full body bath - as long as these body parts mentioned are IN the warm, filtered water with the medi-soak solution.  

Another way to keep the downloads open is to spend time ON or IN the earth. The Earth has such

powerful energy and healing properties and when we touch it (barefoot or at least without a rubber sole under our foot) we experience an energy shift in our body that has been proven on a cellular level to heal the body, improve the detox system, and improve the overall working of the body. If you know someone who loves to go camping - they’ll tell you there is something magical and addicting about being on the Earth. An avid surfer will give the same response - they don’t feel as good if they are not ‘in’ the water ‘earthing’. They may not be aware of the science behind their feelings, yet it still exists and is very helpful in keeping the downloads open and unblocked.

If you are young at heart and want to stay young in your physical body too, then I suggest you master the above 5 principals. I also recommend some advanced functional lab testing to assure your body has adequate nutrients, is methylating correctly, your endocrine and nervous system are all balanced, digestion, proteins, carbs and fats are all in check and your cells are working correctly.  

I'm here to tell you that healing is limitless and our bodies can be as young as we want them to be. We must hold ourselves accountable for things like drinking in excess and eating a lot of junk food at times - we will have to undo the damage and get ourselves rebalanced.  Consider mastering the above 5 principles as a conscious daily effort to stay balanced and thrive. I suggest you have a regular habit of checking in with yourself, “Is this something I should be partaking in?” “Am I feeling balanced?” “Am I feeling extra stressed today?” “What do I need to feel balanced and grounded?” Negative emotions may come on strong when they appear. Be ready by clearing out toxins both physical and emotional. Dissolve any emotions you don’t need. Be armed with healing tools that work. Set daily reminders on your phone, so if you’re stuck in a moment that is negative, you’ll have a daily task or reminder that helps you to snap out of it rather quickly. How will we know when we’re done a good job with the above anti-aging strategies and practices? Our pH will be alkaline, our Nitric Oxide will be on target (both can be tested with strips sold in our store) we’ll sleep through the night, have at least one bowel movement a day and finally, we’ll feel better. I can assure you, you’ll know when you’re in the zone.

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