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ATP Energy Tips for Endurance Athletes

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Endurance Athletes are constantly in need of energy (aka ATP). Their diet and nutrients should be able to help their body efficiently produce energy. Endurance exercise also produces a ton of oxidation & free radicals, so the need for antioxidants is high. Endurance sports have a large cardiovascular component, so nutrients for circulation and the lungs are among top priority. Lastly, something most athletes don’t get enough of is rest. Adequate time for the body to rest, repair and rebuild is so important. Since rest often is not on the workout regimen, minerals in higher doses can help to efficiently relax and repair muscles, as well as create an alkaline pH which helps flush out the lactic acid so many are familiar with.

That said, my top 5 nutrients for endurance athletes, which address all the above are outlined below (most are available from my online store).

1) L Carnitine – transports fat out of storage to the cell mitochondria –this burns fat in order to create energy. My favorite: All Day Energy by Julie E Health.

2) Vitamin E – an antioxidant, which specifically works in areas of high oxygen concentration, such as the lungs. My favorite: E 1:1 by Metagenics. Contains all 3 types of E

3) Minerals - supposed to get tons of these from vegetables and the soil – this isn’t happening in our polluted world, so we need an arsenal of these babies. They prevent cancer, alkalize your pH, relax the muscles, flush out lactic acid and prevent muscle soreness. My favorite: Coral Legend Plus by Premier Research Labs

4) Mitochondrial Support – We lose half our mitochondria every 20 years and these are supposed to be the powerhouse of the cell – where energy is made. Nicotinamide Riboside NiaCel helps combat this problem, and side effect – it kickstarts the anti-aging process! My favorite: NiaCel by Thorne Research

5) Essential Fats – Endurance athletes often do not eat enough total calories and good fats. They’re usually so careful with their diet being clean and light or some binge on unhealthy food because they’re starving. Eating 3 tsp/day of EFAs does wonders for the brain, joints, circulation, while assisting the appetite and preventing unhealthy binges and crashing blood sugars. My favorite: The Omega Swirls from Barleans.

Of course, as with all online nutrient suggestions, this is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure you. I recommend you check with your favorite holistic healthcare practitioner to find a brand and dosage that is customized to your body size and issues before trying these supplements.

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