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The Surprising Benefits of Ear Candling

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

What does living a healthy lifestyle mean to you? I always suggest that people try new types of exercise, stress reduction techniques and practices that add health and value to our lives. If we rotate through a variety of treatments, it keeps our bodies well rounded and overall healthier. Many health enthusiasts have found their way to yoga, Pilates, a favorite HIIT training class or core workout. In a similar way, I’d like to encourage you to try non-exercise types of healing techniques.

I am a huge proponent of a therapy called ear candling. Not only does it serve a functional purpose (removing wax, bacteria and debris from the ear canal) but it's got a therapeutic benefit as well. I learned about this ancient remedy from a Russian woman I knew who also put a hard-boiled egg on her head to alleviate a headache! She knew a wide variety of home remedies, and ear candling is the one I savored the most. You might not expect this, but candling is quite relaxing technique that helps you to unwind any time you’re in need of a little R & R.

A long, hollow candle gently inserted into the ear sends warm air and light rhythmic sounds down through the hollow chute, gently massaging the ear canal via small vibrations, as the candle burns. You know the calming sound you hear when you put a seashell next to your ear? Ear candling provides a similar soothing experience.

Helping a loved one enjoy an ear candling session is a great way to connect. Because each candle takes about 15 minutes to burn fully, it's a perfect opportunity to take a mental 'time out', to meditate, or just simply to breathe and let your mind drift.

Take turns helping each other during the candling experience. Be careful to protect yourself and the recipient from the burning ends of the candle. I suggest making a whole in a paper plate to catch any hot parts that might fall off. Punch a whole in the center of the plate, put the candle through the hole with the pointed part of the candle at the bottom.

Ear candling is a calming, holistic practice that is used to remove excess ear wax buildup, melt away stress and daily frustrations. And the benefits extend beyond your ears. In Chinese medicine, it is said that the ears and the kidneys mimic each other. So, if you’re providing some TLC to your ears, your kidneys will happily receive some love too.

Numerous spas and wellness centers offer ear candling as an add-on treatment. It is also possible to purchase the candles and do them at home yourself (with a mirror) or with a loved one. I recommend trying this every 3 to 6 months, similar to how often you might rotate through a detox program. Ear Candling is another tool in your holistic medicine chest. Enjoy!

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Julie E is a Holistic Nutritionist, Vitamin Expert, Author, and Creator of the StretchBall. She has a Masters in Public Health and is a Registered Dietitian. In her Health practice, Julie works with individuals of all ages to find the root of their health ailments. She uses non-invasive testing that instantly points out the weaknesses in organs, glands and body systems. Julie uses lasers, energy modalities, nutrients, mud therapy, grounding techniques, and oils to remove the blockages and problems in the body, and help people to truly feel better in a very short time. Most of Julie’s clients refer to her as their primary care practitioner for their families. Follow her on Instagram @julieehealth

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