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Yoga In A Bottle

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Whether you show up on your mat to sweat and workout or to experience the meditation and peaceful benefits of yoga, you get both and eventually you’re addicted. This is the one addiction that is not just healthy, it also helps every aspect of the entire rest of your life to be better. Yes! That peaceful space that allows stress, people, and our ‘to do’ lists to make us feel less tense and allows them to roll off our shoulders for a stint of time.

What do addicts want when their high wears off? We want more! If you’re already maxed out on time for your yoga practice, and your job and personal life have you booked for the next week – are you supposed to just let stress slowly creep back in? Not anymore! Now there is my favorite new supplement of all time, that works for EVERYONE, at ANY time and benefits the entire body – AND it’s all natural. Are you excited to hear more?

Cannabinoid, aka CBD is the latest commodity in the holistic health world. Recently approved to be a legal over-the-counter in all 50 states. Its great for those with seizures, anxiety, digestive problems, pain and also known to simply take the edge off from stress. After all, stress is the thing that messes us up! With stress, our nutrition needs are elevated, more inflammation and pain are created and we even secrete more cortisol, which alters our hormones and makes people store fat.

Let’s talk about how to rid the stress! Find a CBD oil that is organic and natural. Work with your favorite holistic health practitioner and find a dose that just softens your energy and tension. With the correct dosage, you’ll feel as if all the tension and angst just left your body, yet you're entirely focused and often even more clear than without the CBD. Many of my clients have experienced numerous moments of euphoria within 6 weeks of regular CBD use. I hope the same for you! Each person’s body and health are unique and so are each type of CBD oil. So find one that’s pure, start small and find your way to the dosage that works for you.

Check out the BUZZ page for the newest webinar with CV Sciences and Julie E Health with her Nutritionists view on CBD.

Of course, as with all online nutrient suggestions, this is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure you. I recommend you check with your favorite holistic healthcare practitioner to find a brand and dosage that is customized to your body size and issues before trying this supplement.

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