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Healing at the Speed of Light!

At Julie E Health, we’re all about providing you with Simple Solutions for improving your health. While the science behind this device isn’t too simple, its use and effectiveness are. For that reason, I’d like to introduce you to the Scalar Wave Laser – one of my favourite personal healing tools!

This handheld device brings the healing power of light literally to the palm of your hands! Today, lasers are used for so many reasons – surgery, hair removal, beauty, and skin rejuvenation – so it makes sense to include them in healing too! The fact is, our lasers help people heal FAST while addressing the root causes of their health issues. And the best part? This device is handheld, cost-effective, portable, and can be used in the comfort of your own home, on an airplane, at a hotel room or wherever you are!

How Does it Work?

You turn it on, put in on the body and voila – it is working, healing your cells, donating photons to make ATP (energy) and all of that makes you feel better, relaxed and more clear – instantly.

Our cells make and use ATP – which is the nickname for energy. The light emitted from the laser donates photons to your cells which build ATP by 150%! Think of plants and photosynthesis – the plants take in light from the sun and make energy and nutrients. The laser is a shortcut = providing the light directly to your body. Not only does this boost of energy give a cell the potential to push past existing problems, it helps the cell to eliminate waste and support all of its essential cellular functions. Healthier cells = healthier YOU!

The ‘scalar wave’ part of this laser serves another incredible function. Have you ever had a certain scent trigger a specific thought or memory? Or a certain movement or activity bring up a specific feeling? This works in a similar way that experiences or trauma can create stagnation and disease at the cellular level. Our cells have their own ‘memory’ and when a cell becomes damaged and replicates, it creates other cells with this damaged ‘programming’ built in. This can be seen when a 2, 5, or 10+ year old injury still causes issues years later! The injury itself healed…but the cells haven’t! The yogi’s refer to this as Samskara.

Think about it like a factory assembly line – if a machine in an assembly line malfunctions, then all the product it produces will be damaged until the machine is reprogrammed or fixed – the same can be said with our cells. Enter the Quantum Scalar Laser! Because our lasers emit light in the form of scalar waves, it dissolves cell memory and allows the cell to permanently ‘relax’. This way, as the cell divides and replicates, it produces healthier cells that will keep you feeling great for years to come! It’s that SIMPLE! And remember, light travels 176,000 miles per second – wow! So in just a 4 minute laser session, your cells are changed so fast!

What Can I use this Laser for?

The potential of this laser is Limitless! As we are exposed to stress, trauma, injury, sickness, etc. it contributes to energy blocks around the body. If you’ve followed along with my work, you’ll know I frequently speak about the Biofield. This laser will restore the BioField instantly. Further use is like performing regular maintenance on your vehicle. It gives your cells a tune-up to make sure everything’s working like a well-oiled machine! When every part of our body can easily communicate, when our cells are healthy and happy - our potential for achieving health is limitless!

By creating new cell patterns and cell memory this laser can remove parasites, infections, heavy metal toxicity, emotional trauma, digestive stress, correct pH level and more. The most important part – it does all this quickly and EXPONENTIALLY. Because the reprogrammed cell will continue to divide into healthier cells you are creating generations of health at the cellular level – science aside, we can agree that the effect is pretty amazing!

If you’re not already convinced, check out who else owns and uses this laser. Whether it be injury, inflammation, toxicity, stress, or emotional issues, it doesn’t matter, the laser really works:

  • Miami Heat

  • Shiva Rae (world renowned Yoga teacher)

  • The head trainer as well as some players on the 49ers NFL Football team

  • New York Giants

  • Patch Adams

  • The largest pain center in Canada (switched from $45 000 laser to 15 of these)

  • Many Harvard and Yale professors

  • Chaka Khan

  • Most of the people in the book: The Secret

  • ….The list goes on!

Convenient. Cost-effective. Healing for life, and your WHOLE family! Becoming an owner of this laser is an investment in health long term. Many 2-3 milliwatt lasers cost $18,000+ and require an MD to use, and are only one type of light. Ours is 5 milliwatts with 100 milliwatt probes. It brings about faster results, is safe for anyone to use, anywhere, anytime…and at a MUCH lower cost. It’s simple, effective, and just makes sense! It’s time to give your body the tune-up it deserves – look great, feel even better, and heal at the speed of light with our laser from Julie E Health (for 1/8th of the cost)!

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