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I got a Fever!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Fever: I got a fever! Most of the time when someone has a fever the doctor says: take 2 aspirin and go to sleep. Right? Oh that is so yesterday’s news! While the ‘medical’ world’ doesn’t have a remedy for a fever, those of us who understand how the human body works - we do have a cure: a bowel movement! Or many bowel movements. When someone has a fever, the problem is usually in the gut. If you remember the gut is about the length of 2 football fields long. This is a lot of territory for a bacteria to embed itself in there, or undigested food can hang out in a little nook and ferment and be a location for bacteria to grow. Regardless of what is going on - 100% of the time an enema will reduce the fever and quickly. That means that if you have a fever, and remove the offending substance from the intestines, the fever will go down. What about babies and infants? Our first line of defense is to get the person to poop - a lot. For babies and infants you can feed them anything that you know to make them poop (mango, flaxseed meal, prune juice are sometimes good choices). Extra pink salt might also work. If the baby is teething, minerals and vitamin C often bring down the fever and also help them to go to the bathroom. For everyone else, an enema can become the best choice. Especially if the person with the fever has not had a bowel movement in a day or longer. We all know the bowel movement is our waste - the stuff we do not need. Why not get it out right away if it is lingering around? Especially when there’s a fever. With colon cancer rates so high and the science says the longer the bowel is in contact with the colon, the worse it is for you. So if there’s a fever and constipation - the first line of defense should be increasing probiotics, eating things that you know make you go to the bathroom and diving right into a colonic or a self given enema. An enema is so easy to do. It’s basically warm water with pink salt, slowly injected into the rear end. One can go purchase a device like a ‘fleet enema’ or an enema bag or we offer an enema bucket. If you choose the store bought, dump out the ingredients and use your own clean filtered water, add some pink salt (1/2 teaspoon or more) and if you use our pH minerals add 5 drops. If you are doing the enema before 2pm, you might choose to add 1-3 TBSP brewed organic coffee. Believe it or not, this is the healthiest way to drink java! It helps to open the gallbladder and bile ducts and squeezes the liver as if it were a sponge. All the waste leaves the body when you are finished. For specific enema instructions check our YouTube page or search our website for a free download on the topic. It is possible you have to repeat the enema 2 times in a row to get the fever to drop - and I can assure you it will drop right away if you do the enema. I mentioned probiotics…. These are for the small intestine, whereas the enema works primarily on the large intestine. Still some people have a great bowel movement and reduce their fever from just the addition of the probiotic. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry, as it is very important to take more probiotics than usual both when you are sick and when you do an enema, so either way, you’re gut is going to be replenished! Our Microbiome product has prebiotic, probiotic and post biotic so it is the perfect choice for improved gut health with or without an enema. For children, I find it very easy to lay them on the counter, use a mirror to distract them and play with them white slowly inserting the tube with water into their tush. Under the age of 5 you are highly unlikely to create emotional trauma for the child. Above 5 or 6 you really need to decide for yourself if the child is in a state (or not) in which an enema is right for them.

I hope your fever goes down and that every time you do ever have a fever, consider what you have recently ate and also consider to clean up the diet a bit!

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