Massage Therapy, Stretching and Myofascial Release: Do I Need Them All?

Updated: Mar 18

Our muscles are so dynamic. We use them all day long, literally just to hold our skeleton together. Your muscles work all day long to support you. When you exercise regularly on top of that, you put additional strain on the muscles and surrounding tissues.

Massage and regular stretching is just part of what our muscles require to function well. The goal of most massage is to alleviate 'trouble spots' and to relax the muscles. Stretching helps to improve flexibility and prevent injuries. Well, your body also contains a whole lot of something called fascia, which is a a thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing your muscles and organs. This connective tissue supports over 80% of your body! Whereas muscles in the quadriceps go north and south on your body, the fascia wraps around it sideways. It's often much tighter than your muscles. This is why a massage doesn’t always offer complete or lasting relief. We should also incorporate some myofascial release therapy into our routine. Myofascial release helps to release the tightened fascia, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles. Through myofascial release, gentle pressure is applied to loosen the tightness in the fascia believed to cause muscle restrictions.

I know, you're thinking "I barely have time to stretch, who has time to do all this too? Well, I developed a Simple Solution for massaging muscles, stretching and releasing the fascia as well. And it's a lot easier than buying an expensive massage chair for your home or toting around a foam roller everywhere you go! When you lay on the Julie E StretchBall, you can feel relief instantly, wherever you are. It stretches your muscles and it also moves and manipulates the fascia. You feel open, long, lean, and energized, in just a few minutes. It offers the benefits of massage, stretching and myofascial release in one product. Yep! All of that in this little blue ball. 

The StretchBall is portable and a perfect travel companion. It easily inflates to your desired firmness and shrinks down to the size of a baseball cap. Use it fully inflated on a large area such as the quadriceps. Or, when you roll into your armpits to flush your lymphatic system, you can deflate it slightly for a softer, more targeted approach. The same is true for rolling through the pectoral muscles and around the breasts. Yes, ladies, you can finally get the best stretch of your life around your chest, neck and armpit area, the often taboo area for traditional massage therapy!

All of this and you’ll feel fantastic, have energy, sleep great and feel great. I’d say, let’s roll!

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