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Meet Nitric Oxide - The Energy Solution

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

There comes a time in all our lives when we wish we had just a little more gas in the tank – a little more energy to keep us going on a busy day. Sometimes it’s not a lack of fuel per se, but actually a roadblock in the delivery of the fuel which prevents us from feeling eager and energized. If only there was a fuel delivery service that could help us feel energized… Reminder of my tagline: Limitless Healing – We do have a delivery service – it’s called Nitric Oxide. And it may just be what you’re looking for!

What is Nitric Oxide?

potent protectorNitric Oxide is a molecule discovered in 1998 for its cardiovascular health importance, yet it also serves many other purposes. The researchers who discovered NO received the Nobel Prize for medicine (it must be important)! Since then, it’s become a hot topic in the world of performance and cardiovascular health. Olympians, world class runners, swimmers, and cyclists have found that nitric oxide-potent vegetables prolong the time-to-exhaustion for elite athletes and lowers the need for oxygen during intensive training.

That said, you don’t have to be an athlete to gain benefit from Nitric Oxide. Elevated levels have been shown to increase performance and endurance, improve cardiovascular health and protect the heart, blood vessels, and brain from aging while deficiencies have been associated with heart disease, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and diabetes. 

How Does it Work?

Nitric Oxide helps in vasodilation and supporting circulation. Have you ever been stuck in heavy traffic just hoping for a way around? Imagine if someone was able to expand the road at a moments notice, allowing everyone to keep moving freely to their destination. This is what nitric oxide does for our blood! By dilating our blood vessels, it increases circulation and allows the delivery of oxygen and life-sustaining nutrients to all the cells in our body and makes sure our cells are receiving all that they need to keep us healthy and energized. 

Nitric oxide doesn’t just function as a vasodilator though, it’s also an antioxidant. That’s right – this is an anti-aging molecule, especially for the heart and brain! Keep in mind when you invest in protecting the heart and blood vessels, we’re also supporting the health of all our cells. Without our blood vessel highway, our cells wouldn’t receive the things they need to sustain life, so this potent protector keeps us healthy from head to toe!

Supporting Nitric Oxide

Are you wondering how to harness the benefits of Nitric Oxide? Luckily our body naturally produces it. However, production naturally decreases as we age, which means that it becomes our job to support it with healthy, clean foods and high-quality supplements. 


There are many different fruits and vegetables that supply the nitric oxide precursors – here are a few:

By supporting nitric oxide levels, we’re keeping our internal transport system healthy while ensuring the delivery of ‘fuel’ to all the cells in our body. If you’re someone who struggles with energy levels or want to make heart health (and overall health) a priority, nitric oxide should be top of your list!

What kind of Nitric Oxide Supplements can I use?

For the days you don’t get adequate Nitric Oxide into your body or if you’re just looking to get that boost all the time – I recommend our:

Fermented Beets– which also has prebiotics, probiotics, post-biotics and it is free from all toxic tagalongs. You’ll love it. Add to any smoothie, yogurt or cold pressed juice.

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