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‘MultiVitamins and MultiMinerals’ for All

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

There really isn't a One Size Fits All when it comes to nutrition. We are all different, having unique bodies, genetics, air pollution, and lives. Similarly, there really isn’t One Multivitamin that can cover a person’s needs. For example, vitamins D, E and omega 3s can’t actually be in a regular multivitamin pill or formula. They are more liquid whereas the multi’s are drier. For these reasons, I have come up with a list of what I consider fall into the category of...

‘MultiVitamins and MultiMinerals’ for all

Even if you are on a customized program from Julie E or another practitioner, you can still take these without being too high in nutrition.

I personally recommend the following to all my clients, they are available directly from us.

Greens (multi nutrients)

Coral (multi mineral)


Digestive enzyme (Digest, Digestase, HC, Pink Salt)

Antioxidants (CoQ, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Asta Complete, NAC)

Probiotics (Flora Blend, Flora chewable, Flora Synergy)

All of the B vitamins (max B, Complete B)

Pink Salt EFA oil CBD

Adaptagen (for anyone who works and has kids, this is always a must to keep the body and brain calm and keep the hormones working)

Many of the above are available from our store, or please contact us at to order directly. We have a convenient pick-up location if you are local to us!

*Please consult with your holistic healthcare practitioner (your regular Allopathic doctor, most likely they will tell you not to take any of these, that's because they are not trained in nutrition and they simply don’t know.

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