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Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I suffered a lot growing up as a result of my family’s unstable financial situation and a lack of real love and affection. Little did I know this would be a constant theme in the first part of my life: betrayal, injustice, and heartbreak. And yes - my health did take a toll.

As a kid, my family lived in a nice neighborhood, but when my dad’s business went bankrupt it forced the family to move several times to smaller homes and soon enough, we became the ‘have-nots’. My dad never got himself back up financially and displayed a violent temper. My mother, brothers and I moved away from him when I was 13 and my teenage years were difficult. I was angry, and our home was an unhappy one. It was only through my friends’ relationships with their parents that I saw a truly loving family dynamic.

I started working at age 13 and saved money to buy a car, gas, and insurance too. I was living an adult life much sooner than most. At age 16 I started working at a gym teaching fitness classes. I devoured every magazine and book about nutrition cover to cover – and I also started reading food labels. All of my favorite healthy choices were ‘made in California’ so it’s at that point I set my sites on living here!

In college, away from my toxic family, I was finally free to enjoy life. I started a fitness program in the dorms and worked at 3 gyms – along with the requisite partying and chugging beers (it was college, after all).

The first person that said ‘I love you’ to me was my college boyfriend - when I was 20. He then cheated on me and continued the betrayal dynamic. The emotional stress of the infidelity resulted in major health consequences – but I didn’t necessarily connect the two at the time. I had (what I now know to be) leaky gut, severe sinus headaches and was a regular at an ENT doctor. I pretty much lived on drugstore sinus medication.

With nutrition and health as my only true passions, I attended school at UNC to be nutritionist and to earn a Master’s in Public Health. It was a lonely time, heavy with study and lacking real, meaningful social connections. Ironically, I was at my heaviest weight ever – despite eating all the ‘right’ foods’ and exercising. Looking back, my emotions were completely unattended to and that was wreaking havoc on my body.

During my first visit to California in 1994, I dislocated my left shoulder. The physical therapy I received wasn’t ideal, and I ended up with frozen shoulder. Eventually I dislocated it 9 more times (!) over the next 20 years - even after having surgery to repair. One time I was walking out the front door to sign my final divorce papers, my shoulder barely tapped the door and it fell out of the socket! I knew it was emotional at that exact moment. Later in life. I made the connection that it was as if my left arm was detached energetically from the rest of my body. Not coincidentally, it's the exact location of the heart! It was as if the exterior of my heart was hardened from all the heartbreak that eventually this arm literally fell off my body from lack of energy and blood flow in the area.

I had numerous other disappointing relationships while at grad school and after, but I persevered - survivor behavior. I hoped for a better and happier existence ahead. I was living in NYC working at the top of my field as a nutrition and fitness expert – and had an undiagnosed case of Chronic Fatigue, along with food allergies galore. I kept searching. I thought I knew everything about nutrition and fitness, yet I was still not great. Eventually fate smiled on me when I arrived at a weekend conference by the Institute for Functional Medicine – that’s where my true path appeared. From the moment I walked in, I was humbled as I suddenly felt I knew nothing about health. It was like in a movie where the clouds part and the music goes ‘ta da’! I found things that made sense! I decided to learn everything and become an expert in functional medicine and nutritional supplements, so I could become one of the best nutritionists in the world.

When I finally arrived in California, my knowledge grew at a rapid pace. The best was when I learned QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis). This skill allowed me to truly master the body and healing. I have found the final tool for my infinite healing tool-chest and now I can truly diagnose and heal every condition that walks in my office. Fast forward 20 years and here I am… ahead of the rest, offering cutting-edge treatments most people are only just starting to hear about. Helping people with ailments that most Western doctors can’t fix. I have an infinite tool chest of techniques and modalities that the commitment to myself and constant curiosity have led me to. My evolution as a nutritionist and functional medicine specialist included absorbing everything I could over the past 33 years, testing out new protocols and providing excellent results for myself and my clients. Yet, after my divorce I suddenly had knee pain, then hip pain. No matter what I did, I wasn’t fixed. It took the next couple years of working on my emotional body. Nothing I did nutritionally, energetically or physically was healing me fully. I spent hundreds of hours at the beach, meditating, sound therapy, bathtubs, and any holistic type of therapy. I tried traditional talk therapy, but it really didn’t give me the results some of these other therapies did. Laying down for an hour under a blanket and get healed by soundwaves from others playing music – what a delight! For me, it was far better than sitting in a room talking to a stranger. I had to go INSIDE myself and dig deep – way deeper than I ever thought possible. I forgave myself, my family, my ex, those who betrayed me, even the dog who bit me. Everyone. I finally found the magic – and it was inside me the whole time. And after all these years, I realized the strength of the emotional component to healing the body. Now I really had all the answers!

Although I had to learn everything the hard way myself, I can now help people in the most simple ways so they too can heal. I’ve mastered healing and now I offer Simple Solutions to health using Infinite Possibilities and providing Limitless Healing to babies, men, women and children of all ages and even pets too. Every one of my life lessons - good and bad - has informed who I am today and aided my ability to help others. I see it so clearly now. In the past, I experienced physical and emotional traumas, pregnancy, body image issues, lack of love, a challenging divorce, and a corrupt business partner. Nowadays I benefit immensely from yoga, meditation, travel abroad, learning from other cultures, using the highest quality supplements from around the world, eating the cleanest food possible, loving CBD, and experimenting with diet and exercise trends. My clients find me relatable as I’ve lived a very full life for my years. I truly know that my life experiences, including the desire to be the best, along with empathy and gratitude are what make me the healer that I am today.

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