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Parkinson's & CBD

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Are you taking a safe and effective medicine?

The FDA is reviewing and approving drugs faster than any other regulatory agency in the world. Some FDA-approved drugs were previously denied in other countries. Some of these have caused more harm than benefits for those who were unlucky enough to use them in the United States.

For example, Nuplazid, a drug designed to treat hallucinations – and associated with causing Parkinson’s disease, costs $2,000 a month, and lead to 887 deaths since its launch in 2017. Despite the small evidence of benefits, the members of the advisory committee who were either paid by the company or hopeless relatives of Parkinson’s patients, pushed the FDA’s decision to approve the drug.

Let this be a reminder to us that rushing science is never a great idea and doesn’t always pan out. The drug approval process is not always as safe and effective as it should be. Know I don’t want to be on a drug that was rushed to the shelves and not tested sufficiently. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies underwrite three-fourths of the FDA's budget for their scientific reviews, so the agency is increasingly fast-tracking expensive drugs with significant side effects and unproven benefits to the patient’s health.

The medication for Parkinson’s decease is only one small example of a drug that was fast-tracked by the FDA. Another, Vioxx was pulled off the shelves within a very short time after release, it caused so much harm and why it was pulled from the market.

A great alternative solution for Parkinson’s patients is CBD - which could alleviate many symptoms and help balance the body without any harmful side effects.

Parkinson’s traces back to EMF, nervous system tissues, and trauma to the head. Following a Holistic approach, the causes validate the importance of castor oil and EMF remediation as a treatment protocol.

Doesn’t it often amaze you that nutrients with no harmful side effects can cost so much less than a pharmaceutical grade drug with a long list of potential harm? Again, which do you prefer?

About Julie

A pioneer in holistic wellness, Julie E focuses on addressing the distinctive challenges of a person’s “today” body. Emotional stress, diet, toxins, and environmental factors alter your body’s chemistry and well-being from day to day. Through inquiry, Julie connects all of the dots from a holistic perspective to offer a personalized health regimen that works. Her success rate is outstanding…all her clients experience improvement and relief.

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