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Prevent Breast & Prostate Cancer

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Estrogen's play an important role in bone formation and maintenance, they exert protective effects on the heart and they influence behavior and mood.

You MUST DETOXIFY ESTROGEN'S…or they will cause problems - ultimately breast or prostate cancer Estrogen's circulate around the body bound to other proteins (called sex hormone binding globulins or SHBG). Only unbound estrogen's can enter target-tissue cells and induce biological activity - some good, some bad. So, any changes in these proteins (SHBG's) will alter estrogen metabolism. Remember, the ultimate effect of estrogen depends on how it is metabolized. Metabolism takes place primarily in the liver through detoxification that includes hydroxylation, methylation, glucoronidation, and sulfation, and ends with excretion in the urine and feces.

There are 3 different pathways down which estrogen can be metabolized, but only 1 is a healthy, happy pathway. Unfortunately, there are many environmental and dietary reasons that push the detoxification down the wrong pathways. Many adult bodies do not detoxify properly - often because of dietary insufficiency and environmental overload of toxins and stresses. For some, the problem lies in the methylation, or failure to methylate properly, for some it's glucoronidation, sulfation, etc.


  • Estrogen's are recycled rather than excreted -so you end up with excess estrogen's internally.

  • Your body will produce high levels of quinones - which have potential carcinogenic effects

  • Your body will store estrogens in target tissues, primarily the breast and prostate - with the ultimate potential - development of breast and prostate cancer.

FACT: women who send estrogen down the wrong pathway have significantly elevated risk of breast cancer

Remember - eat a healthy diet and detoxify your body of estrogens and toxins bi-annually. Detoxification often leads to weight loss. You do not have to live with awful PMS, Menopause Flashes, backaches, joint and muscle pain, feelings of depression, bloating, swelling, or even weight gain. Relief is available - clean up your diet, and detoxify your body. Estrovera Capsules with Flora Blend, and using flaxseed meal are exactly what you need.

Of course, as with all online nutrient suggestions, this is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure you. I recommend you check with your favorite holistic healthcare practitioner to find a brand and dosage that is customized to your body size and issues before trying this supplement.

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