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Tapping & Swiping: The Healing Power of Our Hands

What if I told you that you hold the power to ward off illness, regain emotional control, and relieve chronic health issues in the palm of your hands? You better believe it’s true! I know it sounds too easy and too good to be true – but it is absolutely verified. With my Simple Solutions Tapping & Swiping techniques, you can literally take your health into your own hands.

How does it work?

Tapping & Swiping have existed for thousands of years in Traditional forms of medicine. The best part? It’s easy to learn, you always have your hands with you -and you don’t need any other tools to reap the benefits!

Everything in our universe is made up of energy – our bodies included.When our energy becomes disrupted it creates blockages which when left ignored, can lead to a multitude of health problems.

If the pipes in your house became clogged, you’d want to unblock them to avoid them bursting, overflowing, and damaging all of your belongings, right? You should do the same for you body! Simply by Tapping on our organs and then swiping down the limbs (the exit path of the subtle energy body) we keep the flow of the ‘subtle’ energy body and hence prevent blockages that eventually lead to health ailments.

When life is stressful, we hold onto a painful memory, experience grief, or when we have a physical injury, there are temporary traffic jams created in our body. A traffic jam means energy is not flowing. Once the flow of energy stops, eventually the flow of blood and nutrition stop and that leads to health problems. It could take 30 years of a blocked pathway till one develops arthritis or diabetes, so why not address the small pieces and prevent health problems. While we live in a fantastic time for technology,consider all the networks, wireless devices, appliances, and wires everywhere adding to the invisible static that surrounds us. It’s enough that we have to deal with our own personal disruptions to energy flow, but the added noise from our ‘connected’ world just blurs the lines even more. With all that can interfere with our energy. We need to use this ancient technique now more than ever!

Should I try it?

We all know so many people that ‘do everything right’ or are ‘so healthy’ yet they suddenly get cancer or have a heart attack, right? Why is that? Traditional Medical Lab tests look for full blown conditions, whereas holistic remedies and diagnostics can detect blockages and precursors to disease.

Even without a thorough assessment, I can tell you they are present in every body, even mine – until we break them down. Since we can’t see energy, you might find this hard to believe, so consider this: do you know exactly how the lightswitch in your bedroom works? Do you still use it? Aha. So you use things just because… so why not try this technique? I have simplified it to take you about a minute, so now you can just enjoy the prevention for problems you’ll never have. Although we can’t see energy, we still need to guide it on it’s path. You can’t use a phone charger that is frayed – how will you know if your energy and nerve pathways are frayed? Just assume they are, do this technique and be proud of yourself for taking a 1 minute step to help yourself prevent debilitating problems. By using these techniques, we have the potential to address our internal imbalances and remedy conditions before they become bigger problems.

So many of our clients have said that Tapping & Swiping daily has completely intercepted illness when they felt it coming on and helped others work through chronic issues and complaints – the potential is limitless. You know my saying: Limitless Healing.

So there you have it, a simple way to stay healthy! These techniques can be done anytime and anywhere to guide your body into health. Are you ready to TAP into your healthiest self? Download the Tapping & Swiping guide now.

I also recommend you remediate at least your cell phone, so you aren’t destroying your biofield and creating traffic jams just by owning a phone:

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