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The future of medicine: Exosomes

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Millions of tiny bubbles, released from cells and packaged with molecular mail, are racing through your bloodstream right now. And until recently, only a handful of researchers gave them any thought. They’re called EXOSOMES. They’re secreted by STEM CELLS. Today they are used in an emerging field we call REGENERATIVE MEDICINE.

By 2020 many people have heard of Stem Cells, said to be THE most regenerative medicine for genes and joints. We all have Stem Cells - babies and little kids have the most. It is these cells that are said to be the reason kids heal so fast, and are so resilient. Stem-cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition. Bone Marrow transplant is the most widely used stem-cell therapy, and in recent years umbilical cord blood has been growing as a form of stem cell therapy. Research is underway to apply stem-cell treatments for neurodegenerative diseases and conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Many pro athletes have been using Stem Cell therapy and around L.A. there are a handful of researchers and practitioners using these treatments for joint repair and recovery from accidents as well as taking people out of wheelchairs and having them walk again!

Stem cells are thought to mediate repair via five primary mechanisms: 1) providing an anti-inflammatory effect

2) traveling to damaged tissues and recruiting other cells, such as endothelial progenitor cells that are necessary for tissue growth

3) supporting tissue remodeling over scar formation

4) inhibiting apoptosis (cell death)

5) differentiating into bone, cartilage, tendon, and ligament tissue

If Stem Cells are so great, what if we could isolate the main active component within the stem cell, and concentrate it - would that work? We can. And it does! These tiny packets of information are called EXOSOMES. Exosomes are secreted by stem cells. They contain nerve growth factors, collagen 1, 3, Hyaluronic Acid and chondroitan sulfate. They contain packets of information that travel around the body and teach the body how to heal. Exosomes are made into usable format using a scientific process to produce the highest yield of collagen. (Everyone wanting to anti age and firm their skin is looking for these ingredients!)

Because the stem cells secrete the exosomes, there is no DNA in the exosomes, so rest at ease, there’s no genetic material one needs to match with, making this therapy even more desirable and versatile

Exosomes are nano-sized vesicles containing biological signaling molecules that mediate cell to cell signaling.

The field of exosomes as a potential therapy for stroke, TBI and other neurological disorders is rapidly growing. Most preclinical studies show that exosomes have potent therapeutic effects in stroke, injury and disease.

Brain remodelling after stroke or brain injury does occur, and cell-based therapies have been used to promote these endogenous processes. Increasing evidence is demonstrating that the positive effects of such cell-based therapy are mediated by exosomes.

Exosomes are involved in many aspects of normal brain physiology and facilitate communication between brain cells and between the brain and the periphery.

Exosomes contain:

Type 1 collagen (tendons, joints, ligaments, bones, skin, organs, sar tissue, teeth and arteries)

Type 3 collagen (tissues surrounding the liver, ungs and arteries; in bone marrow and lymph nodes)

Hyaluronic Acid (firming the skin)

Protein packets that teach the body how to heal

Chondroitan Sulfate (joints)

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When I was pregnant, the idea of preserving my cord blood was presented to me – I was told ‘saving my baby’s stem cells - because so much research is ongoing and should my baby, myself or a close relative run into neurodegeneration or a number of other diseases, it is possible this cord blood could be THE key to help that person heal’. Fast Forward 14 years and this topic is so hot and these cells are being used to Regenerate youthful health, energy, liveliness, and so much more. Of course I investigated using my own cord blood - and I found it was a long process and rather expensive - over $10K when all was said and done. I decided that a treatment for $3200 was well worth my time and I can continue to save my cord blood for emergency as originally planned! So I did. I also pulled out some tools of mine and decided I can change the frequency and the preprogramming of those cells, using sound and light therapy. Also, I can put my intentions and goals into the new exosomes - before they go into my body. This is exactly what I did and the results have been ongoing, fantastic, therapeutic and in so many ways it’s almost hard to describe. My underlying energy is so different. I always have energy and I can take more nutrients to achieve that if I’m ever running low, but this is different - it’s almost as if I never get fatigued or worn out anymore- a sense of feeling younger all the time. When I do healing treatments such as massage or other, it feel like the results are exponential. A client who received exosomes felt happy, didn’t need coffee anymore and had an overall sense of well being within 2 days. The research shows that these proteins are unpacking their information for 6-8 weeks, so the results are ongoing for a period of time. It is said for up to 6 months a person shall expect to continue to heal. How exciting – all from a treatment that takes merely 15 minutes. What a Simple Solution!

Regenerative medicine does work better when we ‘prepare the body’ - essentially all the work I do with individuals to improve sleep, digestion, the detox system, and in general get your machine (your body) working better, increasing the EMF and the biofield and enhancing the function of the ‘Assembly Line’ organs. If you want to have the best results. We want the body to already be functioning optimally, however I know there are many who just dove right into exosomes due to a trauma and they’re results have been fabulous.

I have been to 8 hours of scientific lectures about exosomesin the past year and all of them included a case study about a person who had a major catastrophe like a motorcycle accident, a skiing accident and landing on rocks breaking numerous bones. All of these patients received exosomes as a part of their healing program and all of them recovered significantly faster than would have been possible with traditional healing methods. They received more than 1 treatment. For general well-being and anti aging, regenerative effects, I recommend a person just start with one treatment. Slow and steady wins the race. I look forward to learning more about non-invasive face lifts and skin rejuvenation with exosomes over the next couple of years!

Regardless of how fast or slow you decide to go, using exosomes is a curated experience to achieve highest healing possible.

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