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The Longevity Diet

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

A concept I keep reminding people is that you go to a dentist for your teeth, an eye doctor for your eyes, a hairdresser for your hair – so why is it that you trust your health to Dr Google and what your friends are doing? There is a reason there are nutritionists and dietitians – and one of those reasons is that medical doctors have zero to very little nutritional knowledge and training. On average, their solutions to your health problems are antibiotics, waiting and ‘watching’ what happens, or a surgical procedure.

At Julie E Health, we have at least 75 solutions for all your health problems. We have mud therapy, essential oils, various topical oil treatments, lasers, energy medicine, precise customized nutrition, various detox regimens, and so much more. Presently I am studying about some hot new topics in health and anti aging. When I read one particular section in this book, it just resonated perfectly with the above information I just wrote – so much so, that I wanted to share this excerpt from the book with you. Please take a short read and hopefully you’ll get the take home message.

Excerpt from “The Longevity Diet” by Valter Longo (page 39-40)

“Among the longevity factors within your control, what you eat is the primary choice you can make that will affect whether you live to 60, 80, or 110 - and more important, whether you will get there in good health. So when it comes to dietary recommendations, it’s crucial to listen to the right people. In an internet-centered world, perhaps the most dangerous development for your health is the chaos generated by the idea that everyone can give dietary advice. It is essential to determine whether a so-called diet expert has the appropriate range of knowledge before deciding whether he or she is qualified to give you dietary advice.

On a recent train ride from Milan to Genoa, I had one of many entertaining experiences underlining that everyone believes themselves to be a diet expert. An old building administration from Genoa explained how his wife’s omelets were the key to maintaining his weight and health. The woman next to him protested that eggs have high cholesterol and that her pasta and zucchini were much healthier. When five such “dietary experts” had made their recommendations, they wondered why I had not jumped in.

“I think you’d better cut down on the number of fried eggs per week,” I told the retired administrator.

“You know, I don’t think I like you,” he replied.

Because everyone eats, everyone feels he or she knows enough about food and health to give advice. Recently a woman asked me what I thought she and her son should eat to stay healthy. After hearing my advice, she responded, “I think the best thing to do is eat everything in moderation.”

I asked her, “Would you fly on an airplane that you had personally designed?”

She knew the correct answer to that question was absolutely not. Most planes are designed by teams of world-class engineers working at major aviation companies like Boeing and Airbus, using technology and insights going back to the Wright brothers and even Leonardo de Vinci. Why would you be willing to make key decisions that affect whether you and your loved ones will get cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many other illnesses based on the silly idea that one should “eat in moderation”? What does that even mean?”

Did you get the take home message? If your body is healthy and you truly have no health issues, maybe you can participate a little bit in what you ‘heard’ or ‘read’. However most folks have issues that are underlying, especially children – and these do require addressing so they do not turn into full blown health problems now or later in life.

I want you to live healthfully and to reach your potential. I believe in Limitless Healing and that anything is possible – IF and WHEN you take care of the root of the problem.

Have a Healthy Day!

Julie E

Please note we have no financial affiliation with the author or with Amazon

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