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The Magic of Castor Oil

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Castor oil is a plant-derived oil from the castor bean, which has nothing short of magical properties for wellness. Use of castor oil (either orally or topically) as a health remedy is recorded as far back as 1550 BC and was possibly in use for several centuries prior. Instead of explaining to you what exactly castor oil is, I want to explain instead the remarkable things that it can do for you.

Castor oil can:

Pull toxins out of the body

Improve range of motion and movement in a tissue or muscle

Make bones feel better

Decrease pain

Flush the lymphatic system

Improve the body’s immune system function

Improve the body’s natural detox system

Act as a natural laxative (taken orally)

With such an impressive list of benefits, why don’t more doctors recommend castor oil? Simply put, most of them don’t know about it nor have ever tried castor oil. In the 1970's and 80's many pregnant women were told to drink castor oil to help start labor and delivery of the baby. Because this thick, gooey oil has a distinct taste and odor (suffice it to say, it’s less than delicious), castor has had a bad rap for a while and has been disregarded as an old wives’ tale. I’m here to bring it back into wider use - because it’s inexpensive and it works!

How do I use it, you ask? All you have to do is apply a thin layer of castor oil to the skin of the problem area, then get into the bath or shower and within a minute the magic is already working. By the time you finish your shower, the oil and toxins are rinsed off your body, and voila! - you gave yourself a healing session – all for the cost of about 30 cents and 2 minutes of your life. I can’t make healing simpler than this!

FOR CHILDREN: For more than a decade my clients have been applying castor oil to the liver, intestines and kidneys of their babies. I can’t count the number of ear infections, colds and other problems that were warded off - and also treated quickly - using castor oil.

FOR BACK ISSUES: Every client I have ever seen who ‘threw their back out’ actually had weak kidneys at time of diagnosis. What if you commit to using castor oil a couple times each week on your low back - let’s see how strong and healthy you can be and how many back problems can be allayed or prevented!

FOR REMOVING TOXINS: With smog, pollution, pesticides in the air and food, chemicals in cleaning supplies and laundry detergents, our liver and kidneys get ‘hit’ all day long. Even if your diet is immaculate like mine is ;) - I can guarantee your organs are still stressed out and can definitely benefit from this simple treatment.

CYSTS & PARASITES: Castor oil has the unique quality of forcing cysts or eggs (parasites and other such ‘bugs’) to hatch, making the treatment much more effective. Just killing the bugs that lay eggs alone is insufficient as, their eggs may still hatch months or years later, making your problem recur. When using castor oil in conjunction with a parasite program, or for cysts (including ovarian), boils and spider bites, your treatment will be far more effective. *For these conditions, use Castor oil at least 3 days/week for 90 days.

Like all oils, clear bottles allow the light to penetrate and oxidize the oil – changing its chemical properties and making it more harmful than beneficial. I have seen most castor oils in clear bottles. The one I recommend (available in on my website) is in a special violite bottle, which preserves everything inside, so the nutrients stay intact and effective for a long time. One bottle of castor can last a while, so this is a good thing, to keep the nutritional integrity.

For more information, download our ‘Castor Oil benefits’ PDF here purchase a bottle here and get started right away. The only thing you have to lose is toxicity. xo Julie E

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