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The Simple Solutions Detox Program: It’s Not Just Any Detox

Updated: Sep 26

Imagine your morning routine. You wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, shower, possibly apply makeup or hair gel and head off to work. Did you ever consider know how many toxins just entered your body in this small amount of time that is a daily ritual? From the chemicals in toothpaste and personal care products (makeup, shampoo, deodorant, body wash), the pesticides and/or preservatives in breakfast, and the pollution you may encounter in the air around you, it’s no wonder the body gets overloaded and stores toxins. It simply can’t keep up with the overflow of exposure. And that’s just before noon!

In order to detox correctly and thoroughly, we need to address the entire Assembly Line, which includes the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, intestines, and lymphatic system. In doing so, this skyrockets the body’s aptitude for removing built-up toxins in the brain, cellulite, and other organs and glands. What I want you to know is that to date, I have yet to see a detox program that considers this entire system- except for ours.

The Simple Solutions Detox Program by Julie E Health is unlike any other - it takes into consideration each element of our Assembly Line and will help our whole system to effectively eliminate toxicity (not just move it around the body).

For a thorough detox and healthy days ahead - this is the Simple Solution!

What is a detox?

When I think of detoxifying, I always think about the I Love Lucy episode where they work at a candy factory. As the candies are coming down the belt one at a time, the ladies wrap them and send them on their way. When the boss notices that they’re doing a good job, she speeds up the belt. Unable to keep up, the ladies start stashing candies literally everywhere - their mouths, pockets…you name it! They simply couldn’t process the candies fast enough. I’d like you to now replace the word ‘candy’ with toxin.

When we can’t keep up with our toxin load, they end up where we’re a little vulnerable – in the breast, prostate, lungs, intestines, uterus, etc. The problem is that these stored toxins aren’t as comical as a bunch of candies. They can wreak havoc later, subtly contributing things like cancers that you may not become aware of until it has progressed.

Lucky for us, detoxification is something the human body does naturally every day…quite frankly we’d die if it didn’t! The problem isn’t that we aren’t detoxing. Basically, our conveyor belt of toxins is running too fast, and we don’t have the ability to keep up so we are left with excess toxicity, tired organs and overall in a state of fatigue, stress, underlying malfunctioning and at times unable to cope.Even if we do as much as we can to limit the amount of toxins in our life, the speed at which the toxins come through isn’t a huge factor if the ‘system’ isn’t fast enough to process them all.This is why we need to help ourselves by doing a thorough detox.

When most people think of detoxing, they picture a juice cleanses, detox teas, and liver cleanses, yet all of these are incomplete. If you’ve been learning from me, then you have heard me talk about the Assembly Line and you should know by now the entire Assembly Line must be included in a healthy detox. You should know that when we focus on detoxing just one part of the body, all we are doing is moving toxicity from one organ to another.By eating clean and providing our bodies nutrients to support the entire Assembly Line (detoxification process) we easily clear out the junk and are one giant step further in our health.

What is the Simple Solutions Detox Program?

Think of this program as a 3,000 mile oil change on your car. If you’ve been on this planet for 30 or 40 years and you’ve never given yourself an ‘oil change’ just imagine all the gunk that’s built up and how much better you’ll look and feel once you give your body time to clean it all out!

Our 2-week program was designed by a team of 4 holistic nutritionists. We hand picked each nutrient for its efficiency and ease of use. The Simple Solutions Detox combines supplements, high protein shakes and REAL foods to leave you feeling clear and healthy. The key to this program is that we don’t have to sacrifice anything - you won’t be starving, and you won’t feel weak or tired because we address the entire detoxification system while learning better eating habits. No other detox program accomplishes all of these feats.

So, how does it work?

For a one time fee of $675, you’ll receive the entire Kit:

($600) if you join with a friend)

  • Medical grade high protein shake to be taken 2x/day

  • Liver detox supplement to support Phase 2

  • Antioxidant nutrients

  • Probiotics

  • Lymph and kidney supportive nutrients

  • An eating plan made up of the healthiest foods on the planet which includes 3 meals/day for 14 days

  • A booklet with directions, recipes, and shopping lists to help you prepare for the detox

  • A buddy system so that you have a friend to support you while on the detox

I hope you can see, this is more than your standard detox…it’s a comprehensive program that addresses your whole body while supporting a foundation for overall health. That’s why it’s so effective! People who have completed this program said it improves energy, vision, mental clarity - they’ve even called it a “reboot for their entire system”.

Look at it this way –your shake is two meals a day for 14 days (that’s 28 meals) PLUS you’re getting a detox AND you’ll receive recipes, all while learning how to eat in a health-supportive, clean way. Once you’re finished with the program, you can always take a look back to the guidebook so that you can get back on track to healthy, clean eating, regardless of the time of year.For the price, I think we can all agree that it’s a fantastic value!

Are you ready to look and feel your best? Now is the time to get started!

Do I need a Detox?

The short answer is...yes! Even the most health-conscious people stand to benefit from a detox because we are exposed to toxins whether we like it or not.But, completing a detox every 6 months or so can keep us feeling healthy and looking fantastic. Think back to the oil change example. If you didn’t get an oil change on your car, over time the engine wouldn’t be efficient, it would overheat, and the parts would become worn out. So, while you may have been fine up to this point, ask yourself what will happen in 5, 10, or 20 years from now? Will your parts wear out? Or would you rather take the time now to maintain them so they’re running smoothly for years to come?

When is the best time to detox?

As the seasons change, so do our habits and body’s requirements. In the fall, our summer activities begin ramping down and with all the travel, family barbeques, beach days (and usually more alcohol)

ourbodies needs a break! Completing a fall detox is the perfect way to rid the body of toxins while helping to set up a good foundation of health for the cooler months when you’re more likely to get sick!

Additionally, a Spring detox makes sure we’re fresh, energized, and ready to take on all that the summer has to offer. Think of it as a way of ‘spring cleaning’ our entire body. If you never cleaned your house, just imagine how much dirt and junk would have built up over the years. Now is the time to show your body – your true home - the same respect! It’s time for internal spring cleaning!

We can only do so much about the toxins we’re exposed to in the air and world. We can change our personal care products to those which are less toxic, or toxin-free and then what really can do to make the biggest difference and impact on our health is to give our bodies an oil change. Ultimately, this will lead us down a path to health and longevity. Are you ready to take your next steps to looking and feeling your best? Now is the time! Join the Simple Solutions Detox Program today!

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