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The Versatile Coconut

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Coconut Oil is an incredible super-food, it provides good healthy fats, boosts your metabolism, softens your skin, acts as a sunscreen, works as a deodorant (with other stuff added), it pulls heavy metal toxins out of your mouth and treats and wards off yeast!

Use it daily to

Improve digestion

Moisturize skin

Strengthen your immune system

Promote healthy hair growth

Kill Yeast

Remove Heavy Metals from gums and mouth

Boost Metabolism - yes ladies it does!

Provide healthy fats to your diet

Common Uses

  • Oil Pulling – an ancient treatment where you swoosh coconut oil in your mouth, like mouthwash and then spit it out. (Just rinse with water afterwards and spit again). This kills yeast and pulls heavy metals & other bacteria out of your mouth. Instantly! If you still have metal fillings in your mouth you should be doing this daily and see you dentist soon to remove and replace the metal. Surprisingly bacteria in our mouth and gums can adversely affect our health, the bacteria gets into our blood stream and creates havoc, doctors don’t check your mouth for metal fillings and don’t connect your ailments with the metal in your mouth. When I see a client for the first time one of my initial questions regards their dental health.

  • Fighting Yeast - Eating coconut oil kills yeast and slows down its growth. Yeast growth can double in an hour - you can treat it for days but after you stop - the growth is right back where it started in about an hour! I recommend Coconut Oil to clients that come to me suffering from yeast in their body. I sell a very pure Coconut Oil it’s effective and highly recommended.

  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-ViralCoconut Oil is effective because of the Lauric Acid in the oil it kills bacteria and (as I said before) any yeast.

Let's not forget the other parts of the of coconut.

Drink the water or milk - All the time!!!

It's great for hydration, drink alone or in smoothies.

Re-hydrate kids when it’s hot outside and when they are sick with a tummy bug.

My favorite surf board is made with coconut shells!

Smart Fact - Populations that eat a lot of coconuts are among the healthiest on the planet.

Of course they also live on islands, near beaches and have much less stress in their lives!

Start getting the benefits of Coconut Oil today, purchase directly from my online store!

Why Buy Our Coconut Oil...

Premier Coconut Oil contains raw, virgin, organic coconut oil. A quality source of coconut oil is one of the most versatile and healthiest oils to add to daily smoothies, salads or other foods. Due to its high smoke point, it is excellent for cooking and sauteing and also blends well with other oils.

Premier Coconut Oil is easy to digest and has a luscious, full coconut flavor and aroma. It is an example of first-class nutrition that is great for baby foods and contains an impressive source of beneficial fatty acids that are naturally free of trans fats.

Our coconut oil is not heated above 104 F and is not bleached, deodorized or hydrogenated, as often seen with commonly available coconut oils that may be compromised and are best avoided. We package our oil in custom made, light-blocking, nontoxic PET plastic. During the extraction process, this oil is centrifuged, not pressed, which we believe yields a richer, more delectable coconut taste.

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