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What is Vastu?

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

All these companies use Vastu to maximize energy, health and wealth.

Vastu is an Ayurvedic practice that enhances positive energies and eliminates negative energies. You may have heard of a similar practice called Feng Shui. Vastu takes into account more principles than Vastu, so we prefer to practice Vastu as a remediation tool.

Our environment is responsible for 99% of how we feel, so why not enhance the positive energy in the places you hope to create financial abundance and health? Many experts profess how very important it is to have our home and office in positive energy and we tend to agree. We all know the principle of positive and negative. When applied to space, it is 99% more powerful – especially for our health, finances and our emotional body. Why not enhance your living space and allow for maximum benefits in health, wealth and love?

You might be thinking this is silly and unnecessary – that someone made this up. In fact, Vastu is an architectural science and each principal has logic behind it, principals originally designed by our ancestors.

Vastu accesses two universal energies that flow over the Earth

Geomagnetic energy: north to south; and Solar energy: east to west.

Ideally these source energies would intersect with little impediment, producing a soothing feel. With all the Wi-Fi, routers, cell phone towers and billions of devices there is so much chaos in energy flow. It’s as if the air we breathe has ADD or ADHD.

Incorporating Vastu into your home will eliminate the chaos and sooth the energy, reverting it back to a peaceful, positive state - and the best resonance for health.

To help you understand, think back to high school science when we learned: energy is always in motion and it’s never created nor destroyed. Since we cannot see energy, most of us wouldn’t know when the energy around us is chaotic.

Yet, so many more people today have ADD. What if that chaotic energy was literally just coming from the air we breathe and the rooms in our homes? While its not just the air, it truly is unseen energy.

EMF is a new age topic and while you may choose to disagree, a huge increase in disease and conditions coincides with an increase in wireless devices and EMF use. If it is true that 99% of how we feel comes from our environment, then, it would behoove us to remediate our environment and bring the soothing feel back. Wouldn't you agree?

Vastu remediation to your home or office will eliminate the chaos and bring back the peace, calm, and therapeutic feel for all living inside your home or office, pets included. There’s no harm, only benefit.

Why should I incorporate Vastu in my home?

We all know the difference in how we feel when we eat junk food vs real food. Yet, the food we eat and vitamins we take are only responsible for 1% of how we feel! The other 99% comes from our environment. The environment has a profound effect on our bodies. We can’t always control the air we breathe, but we certainly can alter the entire energy field in which we spend most of our time. We all love having Wi-Fi and devices - right? If we knew that using these directly caused health problems, would we still use them? Tricky question. The point is this: if you and your family are going to use devices indefinitely, your best prevention and health tool is to manipulate the 99% and make it positive, while eliminating harmful EMF waves.

You may not understand EMFs, but you do use a cell phone – which is based on EMF. You use electricity every day and I’d bet you don’t really understand the details on how it works. So, why not do your family some good and remediate the EMFs and create a healthy Vastu space in your home and office.

The alternative is to do nothing. Are you proactive? Do you exercise and eat healthy? If so, you’re tending to 1% of your health. Why not heal the other 99% and call in all positive energy and health?

Vastu your home and heal every living being in that home. It's a Simple Solution. Inside a Vastu space, you can safely use microwaves, tvs, and all your wireless devices without any harm to your health. More than that, Vastu elicits a clean home feeling, like walking into your house for the first time after it’s been cleaned, however Vastu continues to uphold that clean energy while the rooms in your house get messy and chaotic again.

How do I Vastu my home?

To create a full Vastu space, we must energize the perimeter of the house and property, as well as each room. First and foremost start with basic EMF remediation. Julie E Health performs this custom service for your home or office, as well as stocking the EMF remediation tools, She is available for a consultation about Vastu and EMF remediation for your home, office or other project and environment. Whether you are remodeling, rebuilding, starting from scratch or living in an established home or apartment Vastu remediation can be done at anytime and is very effective immediately.

Contact us ASAP for a Vastu consultation appointment - we are available in the Redondo Beach, California and surrounding areas. Call 310-503-6336 today.

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