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What Sets Julie E Apart from Other Practitioners: QRA™

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The accurate, rapid testing and treatment system that really works!

QRA (or Quantum Reflex Analysis) is a unique and highly effective system of testing the bio-energetic status of the body’s key organs and glands using a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points on the body. Often a QRA session will include a diagnostic technique called the O Ring, which is based in Applied Kinesiology and discussed in more than 55 medical journals worldwide.

Why Do I need QRA?

Using QRA, your practitioner can quickly pinpoint problem areas and determine the precise nutrients and the exact amounts needed to rapidly restore the ideal cellular resonance for that area.

The O Ring technique

When we use the O Ring (as part of the QRA™ healing modality) we can determine precisely where there is a weakness, deficiency, toxicity, bacteria, virus, inflammation or traffic jam in a person’s body. This helps with accurate treatment and speedy relief & recovery.

The O Ring technique is so-named because a person touches their body with one hand and a clinician tests their other hand where fingers form a ring shape. The O ring will stay strong or it might go weak, the answer being equivalent to the presence or absence of energy in that spot, organ, gland or muscle. It's so easy to do, we offer classes here on our site where you can learn to practice it on your own.

At Julie E Health we have numerous tools that allow natural, positive energy to flow to 100% of the body. With the use of advanced QRA™ techniques, we can determine those places in someone’s body that are reflexively creating issues elsewhere in the body. For example, a C-section scar alone may not be an issue, but it might be creating a problem in the same woman’s stomach or gallbladder. That’s what we are really looking for when we use QRA™, those places where reflex issues are occurring.

A well-known book called Touch for Health published in the 1970’s talks about the physiological dynamic described above. To date there are a small handful of energetic assessment tools similar to QRA™ and the O ring. Practitioners choosing to use these forms of energy testing often have great success with patients who return for regular energetic ‘tune-ups’. The reason is the energy testing works and the body is often creating new energetic ‘roadblocks’ that require attention.

Traditional lab testing through blood, saliva, stool, and urine are also accurate, however they can be expensive, time consuming and often, results are delayed for up to 3 weeks. More than that, lab testing may tell us if there is a condition, but it doesn’t determine why, or ‘where the source problem lies in the body. Energy testing such as QRA™is very precise and tells us exactly what is going on in the body ‘right now’. When we treat the issues with a custom program, also based on QRA™ testing, the patient often feels improvement and recovery instantly. Everyone's body is unique and often people have more than one issue, so I just want you to know that we cannot guarantee you will have instant recovery – we just want you to know it is possible and many people do! That’s the power of QRA™.

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