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Why do a Liver Flush?

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Nowadays, the concept of ‘detoxing’ your body is used in everyday conversation, it’s clear that humans have gained a growing awareness of the toxins that accumulate in our bodies and an equal desire to flush it out with products you can buy at your local health food store. Well, our bodies have a built-in detoxifier, and, when working in optimal condition it can do wonders. I see patients all the time whose main health issue is that their liver is congested.

The liver is the first stop on what I call the body’s “Assembly Line”. This means every single thing that enters the body must pass through the liver first to get detoxified. We’re talking suntan lotion, moisturizers, even laundry detergent. Topical items such as these (once they pass through the skin) are processed by the liver, along with ingested items such as pesticides, additives and food colorings, and anything in the air we may breathe in.

The more toxins your body is exposed to, the harder your liver has to work to remove them. If the liver struggles to keep up with the demand for detoxification, it may become sluggish and congested, as its ability to filter toxins diminishes. It is said the liver gets about 72,000 ‘hits’ per day living in Los Angeles - just lying awake for a day. That’s a lot of processing! And who lays still all day? We’re all out living our busy lives, working, playing, drinking and eating. We may unknowingly even choose items like some scented candles, and cleaning supplies, thinking they smell good, yet adding extra toxicity ‘hits’ to the liver.

Beyond the liver is its neighbor (pitstop #2 on the assembly line), the gallbladder. Having the gallbladder removed is a very popular procedure in women over the age of 40. We can deduct from this statistic that many people have gallbladder issues. Consider the fact that the liver and gallbladder share a common bile duct with the pancreas (the body’s blood sugar regulator) and the exponentially growing number of people with blood sugar issues - it should be a no brainer that addressing both liver and gallbladder health is a good idea.

Many people are participating in “detox” programs or buying products which may or may not work. I believe most such programs on the market neglect to address the organs downstream of the liver. Additionally, most people do not want to engage in an ongoing detox plan for a variety of reasons…their lives are inconvenienced, mainly. For this reason, and many more, I present to you the Liver Flush - a slightly more aggressive detox, in a shorter period of time - 24 hours. So, it’s achievable for many people while providing extremely satisfying results when done correctly.

The liver/ gallbladder flush that I favor has been around for some time now. It requires that you eat a bit lighter (ideally vegetarian, or at least lean meats, fish) and most importantly that you chew your food to liquefy it before swallowing for a few days leading up to the date you select to begin your your ‘flush’.

In essence, what happens is that we force the liver to ‘explode’ and push ‘stones’ out. These are blobs of fat, in a variety of sizes, which end up in your toilet. Most important once the liver pushes them out is that they actually exit your body. For this reason, a few enemas are required, as it would be a major disservice to simply relocate them to the intestines, where this fat can create a different slew of health problems.

Are you intrigued? A little reluctant? I’m sure you can Google these stones and take a peek. I’m not going to share photos, but believe me, thousands of these can show up in your bowels over the years.

Once you’ve committed to your flush, check out the simple, FREE program I have put together for the best results, you will find it here as a free download I care about your liver! I also recommend for maximum results that you consume the Liver ND and Gallbladder ND products available on my website. These are liquid, you can pour them into your water bottle for a week and drink them down (ideally you sip them over at least 2 hours).

Take these nutrients along with a a ‘light’ diet for four days and then get a colonic on the fifth, your actual ‘flush day’ (pun not intended). The following day you’ll feel lighter and better and you’ll be thanking me for how amazing your digestion is. It’s not an easy program but it’s mercifully short and delivers the healthy results you’re looking for, so stay strong! You can do this. So much so, you may want to do it once a month.

Best wishes for a successful flush!


Julie E

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