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Words from a Thriving Septuagenarian

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I first met Lynn back in January of 2018. Not only was she interested in improving some of her health challenges, but I found her to be warm and endlessly curious about the various healing modalities. Her journey has not only inspired me but many others along the way. I am sharing her story with you below - in her own words. Enjoy! - Julie E

"I turned 70 in 2015, an age of maturity, I thought to myself, but surely I am not an old woman. Most of my physical systems worked all right, but not my digestion. At that time I decided that i could do something to improve it. It was summer, too hot to be outdoors comfortably, so I spent time at the library looking for the current books on health and nutrition. I read or purused them all and found that most of them weren’t current, but ten or more years old. Information wasn't consistent, each year, new foods were promoted and others disparaged.

Next I went to online sources for more information and found an overwhelming number of people with books or products for sale——vitamins, drinks, creams, you name it. It was too much to manage so I looked for the old timers in the field of heart health and digestive health. From there, I checked the people who were following their protocols. I found Dr Mercola, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Tom OBryan, Dr. Dean Ornish, and on and on.

I learned that all of the major voices promoted a plant-based diet. To summarize, eat plants all day. Fruits and veggies. Then eat some of the all rest but not fast or fatty foods. Eat carbs, eat organic whenever possible, eat herbs and the fresher the better. My smart friend in Maine, Jeanne the pharmacist told me that she eats plant-based, so now I was getting a second exposure to the idea.

A friend suggested that I see Julie E, a nutritionist in Redondo Beach. And I did. Her intake session took three hours -- being thorough is an understatement for Julie’s approach. Julie asked about every scar, every surgery, every experience that had affected my health. Even stressors.

Then she suggested oh oh SO many vitamins. I didn't know that so many existed. I looked at the wall of supplements in her treatment room. What a revelation. I asked why she used this brand of supplements and not any other. Her answer was based on visiting the manufacturers of vitamins and judging which one had highest standards.

So I began to use probiotics and liquid vitamin D and a few more vitamins tailored to my body's needs. I felt more energy in a week or less. I found that I had less bloating and more bowel movements. My battle with gas was over - what a relief! So now, three years later, I visit Julie monthly and have never felt better. I don’t slow down at 3 PM any more. I keep going all day with vigor. But more that all that, as my stomach healed, my head became clearer - I was amazed. No more head fog, no more missing words, no more thinking that I was losing my mental acuity. I felt calmer and happier. Amazing.

I used to think that a heart attack, or a stroke, or cancer was a normal part of aging. Now I think that with healthy eating habits and daily exercise, I have more active years ahead of me. No one knows how many years are ahead, but now I know that I have a good chance to enjoy active years, both intellectually and physically active years. So I keep Julie as a jewel in my life, she is smart and well-informed. She cares about me and her other clients, and uses her skills and intuition to keep us vigorous and strong. I have bought a laser like the ones Julie uses to promote health. I have invested in three air filters like the one Julie owns. Her research is thorough, so I am a good copy-cat.

I continue to study nutrition and Dr Michael Greger is my favorite researcher and author. I enjoy his sense of humor and constant reference to studies that drive his opinions. He is a star and so is Julie E. Now that I am informed, I want my health span to match my life span. And who knows, maybe it is possible."

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