Is Your Body's "Assembly Line" Working Properly?

Updated: Mar 18

The "assembly line" that Julie E refers to in her practice is the body's Detox system. Essentially, when one organ in the system gets backed up - it affects all the rest, just like an assembly line. Very often your chief health complaint is NOT located where the actual problem stems from.

Your Assembly Line

The liver is the first part of the assembly line. As soon as we eat, breathe or wear a toxin, it goes to the liver, which is said to have 70,000 toxin hits per day. Liver symptoms include depression, anxiety, irritability, awakening at 3 am. To alleviate, try Biliven, Max Stress B, turmeric, or castor oil on the liver and gallblader area. Castor Oil is most effective when you rub some into the skin before a nice warm shower. Try to use organic natural products on your skin, in your laundry and for your cleaning products. Stay away from BPA products. Stop using toxic dryer sheets and laundry softner. Both send toxic perfumes and chemicals into the air during the drying process, then when you wear clothes treated with these products you are subjecting your liver to more stress. Once the body hits its toxic overload, you will start feeling symptoms.

Gallbladder symptoms can include bloating, feelings of fear and anxiety, awakening at 4 am, or difficulty falling asleep in the first place. I suggest using Biliven, Gallbladder ND, and/or castor oil on the liver and gallbladder area.

Kidney problems often include headaches, low back pain, awakening at 5am. Get some Renaven, DHA in high doses, castor oil on the kidneys and if you have had stones, Gallbladder ND.

Intestinal problems, when you are nutrient-deficient, start showing up as stomach gas, constipation, hard or very soft stools, uncomfortable restless nights and/or sinus or lung issues. Recommended treatments are probiotics, Flora Blend, Digest, Digestase, Allicidin, Olive Leaf, or Nucleo Immune.

A back up in the lymph system is happening when you feel like you’re retaining water or have more cellulite. Cellulite is related to the lymphatic system being clogged. The main lymph glands are located in the neck and groin, but we have thousands of others. They’re everywhere in the body. If you are having symptoms try Lymph Tone I, II, or III, HCL and use our Hempy Scrubby for some lymph brushing just before you shower. You can also do gentle bouncing on a large ball or trampoline. We have an amazing T-Zone vibration machine in the office it's a great method to drain blocked Lymph nodes!

Finally, the age-old practice of Tapping and Swiping on the body is a great way to energize and detoxify. You can find easy-to-understand instructions for download in our online store. Tapping, Swiping along with the Hemp Scrubby brush can be used as preventative measures or as remedies once an issue arises.

Above-mentioned products can all be found in our online Shop. To book a personal consultation, visit the Book Now page or call our office to schedule 310-503-6336.

Of course, as with all online nutrient suggestions, this is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure you. I recommend you check with your favorite holistic healthcare practitioner to find a brand and dosage that is customized to your body size and issues before trying any supplement.

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