Take the very first step to creating good health, these little powerful stickers are your defense against Electro Magnetic Radiation.  Protect your cells, organs and brain from harmful effects of EMF with just two stickers on your cell phone, two stickers on your iPad, four on your lap top computer (keyboard and back of display), six to eight for a desk top computer.  Also valuable for protection from electric cars, and cars with electronic GPS displays. 

EMF remediation for Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, WiFi routers (removes harmful energy, keeps the device in tact and working 100% the same)


EMF is all around us, especially in our homes and offices, protect yourself, employees, and your family by checking out our Vastu 101 EMF protection guide, download the file, everything you need for this process is available directly from our office.   Julie E Health privately consults on the Vastu process and can be hired to protect your home and office. 


Modern appliances, cell phones, wireless Internet, high-voltage wires and more – emit artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that disrupt the body’s natural energy field and can cause many health problems. The SafeSpace Smart Patch attaches directly to your cell phone or other EMF-generating devices. You carry it with you wherever you go to help clear away and protect against the health hazards of electromagnetic radiation. 

Healthy cell phone patches aka EMF remediation for devices and Vastu for cell ph

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