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Why do an enema? Because ALL problems start in the gut and GI tract. And so much of the junk from our environment, food and 'make believe food' stays in our intestines.  Think of this like an oil change for your car – how much better does your car run after that treatment? Think about your energy, mood and improved digestion.  Julie E recommends everyone do an enema per month. Some people benefit from 6-8x/ month for a couple of months to overcome things like Yeast, Candida, Bronchitis and other infections.  Use warm water and add Allicidin or other nutrients to the water to make it even more functional. Reusable about 2 months or 15 times. Depends how much you clean out your intestines. Don’t forget to heal them with AloePro and Flora Blend after your treatment.

Enema Bucket

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