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Exosome Therapy:

Exosomes are tiny particles that carry information around the body that teach your body how to heal. Many have heard of Stem Cell Therapy. Exosomes are the active component of stem cells – the particle that does the healing and anti-aging work. Using exosomes avoids putting actual ‘cells’ from one body into another body.


This $100 fee is simply a down payment toward the full therapeutic treatment. It includes a 1-hour consult with so you can ask any questions and you will also be assessed to see if Exosome Therapy is right for you.


If you are deemed not a candidate, you’ll receive $75 credit. If you decide to not go through with Exosome therapy, you’ll receive $50 credit. The full fee for Exosome Therapy is $3000 and on average people use this therapy only one time per year max. The healing is ongoing for approximately 6 months.

Exosome Therapy Pre-Assessment

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