We have test kits in stock for you and your children! What if every stomachache was not treatable by traditional or even holistic medicine – because it’s not a bug – it’s a toxicity??? We can now test for glyphosate levels in your body! A quick urinalysis is a good indication of your current exposure and we can see how low or high the levels are in your body. This is so important in today’s world. Please do this test annually for yourself and everyone you love!

Glyphosate Test (GMO’s)

  • Test your exposure to glyphosate, the most widely used weed killing chemical on farms, lawns, schoolyards and golf courses. Join others in this exciting crowd-sourced research project to learn about ourselves, our food system, and our environment.


    Urine testing provides a measure of your near-term exposure (3 – 7 days). The test also provides a window into the longer term if your diet and environment do not vary much over time.

    Hair testing provides a measure of your longer-term exposure (2 – 3 months) and is ideal if your food and environment vary a lot over time. For example, if a person eats organic food at home and conventional food while traveling, the hair test result will provide an average for these exposures over a few months. Please note that hair that is bleached, dyed or exposed frequently to chlorinated pools may have diminished glyphosate levels.

    A great deal has been learned about the impacts of glyphosate on health and the environment. Yet, a great deal more needs to be understood. One of the big questions is what are the routes through which people become exposed to glyphosate. Exposure could be happening through many channels, including, the food you eat, the water you drink and the places where you live and play.

    Some sources may deliver higher amounts of glyphosate than others.


    For example, there is evidence that non-organic oats are often sprayed with glyphosate before harvest to kill and dry out the plants, making it easier to harvest the grain. Many varieties of genetically modified soybeans are also sprayed with glyphosate-based herbicides to kill weeds—as often as four times per growing season. The relative importance of these potential sources of contamination is not known. We are conducting the Glyphosate Environmental Exposure Study in order to understand sources of contamination more accurately.

    Your participation in this study—both by submitting a sample and by filling out the short online survey—will contribute in a very important way to the depth of data that we can gather. So far, we have tested samples from more than 1000 subjects. Our goal is at least 10,000. A subject population of that scope will assure that the results are highly accurate and meaningful.


    HRI’s test for glyphosate is the most sensitive and most affordable screen for glyphosate available in North America. It also screens for AMPA, the main metabolite of glyphosate, at no extra cost. This is important because it is necessary to take both glyphosate and AMPA into account to more fully assess exposure to glyphosate.

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