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The laser paddle (sold separately) contains 3 light frequencies. Each of those 3  light frequencies are also available in a probe, which attaches to the paddle for going deeper into the body and spot treating. It uses sign waves to induce the body to relax, dissolve, neutralize.

Probes are great for:

dental areas / under the jaw or on a specific tooth/gum into the stomach
deeper into the quads & hamstrings (tracing the muscles) along the spine/joints/vertebrae

Cervical /neck spine
Up the nose (pineal gland, sinus cavity)


The Red Probe: good on surface cells - for skin, muscles, nerves, anti- infection, meridians. Purify blood & lymph


The INFRARED probe - bones, tendons, cartilage, neurons, brain cells, discs use on: coccyx, pubic bone, tailbone, around joints

(yes it Increases bone density)


The Violet light Clears emotion fast. Balances aura. Wrinkles, scars, DMT, (The Spirit Molecule), DNA , Stem Cells and Reverses Telomeres.
pointing up the nose helps pineal gland. Use in same places as the others, just clears emotions held in those tissues, which can be the blockage at a muscle healing.

The violet light is also very $$$$$ so most companies do not use them. They do a very specific thing: they hold way more information than red or infrared

laser light probe

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