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Healing at the speed of light!!!

This laser pen is your stream line to health. At Julie E Health we use lasers to mass produce the healing energy that your body needs to get you healthy. Scientifically we call this energy ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate). This laser pen allows you to increase the rate at which your body produces ATP by %150, this is shown to increase circulation and imrpove the function of every body part. Using this laser lets Julie E heal people FAST and uncover the root of health concerns, using this laser at home can allow you to get those results on your own!


For our laser junkies we also offer the mac daddy of lasers that you have definitely seen if you have ever had a visit with Julie E. This laser is a bit pricier at $2,700.00 but the benefits are limitless. If you want your laser fix take a look at our professional grade Quantumwave Scalar Laser.

laser pen

Laser Color
  • The laser donates photons to your cells. This builds ATP by 150%. (ATP = Energy). This helps to increase circulation and improve the function of every body part. Whether you have sluggish bowels, acne, headaches or erectile dysfunction, using this laser will help your body to build new healthy cells and the chronic issues will begin to dissipate.

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