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One of our many Vastu products.

This substance that looks and acts a bit like ‘paint’ can be used on the circuit breaker and meter of the home to ‘ground’ the home. Also works wonders on the plugs and outlets. Use a drop on the inside of windows to keep the chaotic energy ‘out’ of the home and keep it soothing inside. Inquire within for added uses and a flyer for using on windows. Perfect addition to our DIY Vastu Guide, which was published prior to the release of this versatile product. NOTE: this does not block EMFs per se, just helps to ground the home. Also use a larger drop on the outside of (bottom of) a battery on a car.

EMF Paint (A.K.A LiquiTech)

  • - Use for bioenergetic grounding

    - Good for indoor/outdoor use

    - Water-based, non-toxic paint

    - May be used on most paintable surfaces, easy to apply


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