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1-hour session. You may attend in person or virtually (via Zoom).


The O Ring is a diagnostic tool to figure out precisely what is going on in someone’s body right now. Based in Applied Kinesiology and recognized worldwide the technique has been published in over 60 medical journals. This test is accurate, non invasive and takes about 2 seconds to determine. The next time your child has a headache, you can see if its really in their head, or is it because of liver, kidney, or intestine overload or nutrient deficiency. An incredible healing tool used in our office for almost 2 decades. Used to diagnose and treat people of all ages, as well as determine food allergies, toxicity, infection and more.


Master this test for non-invasive, instant results. 

O Ring Technique Class

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    $45 price is for purchases PRIOR to day of class. $50 if booked same day. 

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