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Am I acidic or alkaline? With all the hype about alkaline water and products, I should know where I am! This roll of pH paper will last over 100 uses and takes 2 seconds to decipher where I am. I can see how my pH changes with different foods I eat if I test it after meals. 

Easily measure your pH, and learn to determine your body’s current level.
In this ever increasing toxic and polluted world it is essential to have an understanding as to what your pH is and how to bring it into the appropriate range. If you continue to be acidic (yellow and blue) then your body is desperately craving minerals (start with pink salt, coral complex and Greens caps – later add D3 and allicidin or another remedy that balances one of your known health complaint areas).

In a healthy individual our body pH is just a bit more alkaline then neutral. Eating too much acid forming foods brings our body pH into an acid state and our body is forced to use bone calcium in order to compensate. Meaning our body breaks down bones to make us alkaline. Do you know anyone with osteoporosis?

Get some pH paper now and start using upon rising and pre dinner. Test for a week, every day, to get your starting range. Then adjust diet and add nutrients and watch your pH improve and your overall feelings of health improve!

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and are only general suggestions. For more specific recommendations and personal guidelines, please check with your health care practitioner.


pH Test Strips

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