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Premier DHA
Premier-State Support for the Brain, Nerves Eyes & Heart*

Eating Out: Excellent support to “offset” the body’s digestive stress from “bad oils” when eating out.
What is DHA?
DHA (docosahexanoic acid) is a key Omega-3 fatty acid, important for the brain, nervous system, eyes (especially the retina) and heart.*

High quality, plant-source DHA is a premier break­through: derived from marine algae – not from fish and their risk of toxic contaminants or damage during processing.

Nursing moms: DHA is one of THE most important nutrients you can take and give to baby in your milk.

Supports optimum maintenance and development of healthy brain and nerve tissue, including walking ability, motor coordination, ability to learn, healthy moods and more*

A Premier Brain for life: promotes short and long term memory

Want to prevent Dementia? Take DHA now!

Much research suggests that low DHA leads to low use of folic acid in adults.

We all need DHA. Julie E suggests DHA as one of your 'multivitamins' every day.


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