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Wear this around your neck or carry it in your pocket to block the harmful effects of 5G. It is about the circumfrence of a nickle. The quantum state design, and the unique properties of this sacred geometry shape act as a shield for the new 5G EMFs that are about to be everywhere - including schools. These EMFs weaken the body, pull nutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes out, leaving the person feeling weak and allowing them to be vulnerable to anything unhealthy. Reminder: those with metal in their body tend to be more vulnerable. *we recommendour high resonant chain to pair with this incredible pendant.

Q pendant -small

  • - Work on necklace

    - Carry in pocket

    - Tie to shoelace

    - Put on bracelet

    - Put in hair clip

    - Display piece 

  • - Genuine 14K Gold Plated Brass Pendant

    - Quantum Coherence Design

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