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The QCI Vial works to help the body get off the downward spiral of failing biofields. Why does my body have failing biofields you might be asking... Well the body’s internal operating system is like a sophisticated, interactive biological computer. The body contains a highly organized network of interconnected bio-energy pathways called meridians (which correspond to various organs and glands), first outlined in ancient acupuncture texts, and now verified by medical science.

When an area of the body becomes weakened, it “polarizes off” and becomes much more difficult for the body to send healing energy or deliver nutrients to that area. This is because it is hard for the brain’s internal monitoring system to “see” or recognize the weakened area due to its de-polarization. It’s as if the area has been turned off. Which in turn will back up the rest of the assembly line. 


Purchase the QCI Vial and get even more information on the body and its biofield!

QCI Vial (Re-polarizing Crystals)

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