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Please note price is $6 per candle. Tightness, clogging and an itchy ear can make you feel uncomfortable and unbalanced. Ear candling is a divine, holistic practice that helps to soothe ears and melt away stress and daily frustrations. The relaxing ‘treatment’ helps a person unwind while supporting naturally healthy ears. You lay still and relax for a 15 minute non-procedure. People pay tons of $$ and go to spas and wellness centers when their ears feel agitated, but you can have great soothing results in 15 minutes, for $6, in your own home. Wally’s Natural Ear Candles are safe and easy to use – they have an easy-light edge, integrated no-drip filter, and a “stop burn” line. Each candle takes 15 minutes to burn. Generally do 2 per ear if you’ve never done this before.

Ear Wax Candles

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