Each transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) unit consists of a battery-powered device that delivers electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the surface of your skin.  The unit sends electrical pulses through the skin to kickstart your body’s own pain killers. The electrical pulses can release endorphins and other substances to stop pain signals in the brain.

TENS can help with short-term pain relief. It can be used up to 3x/ day while engaging in light activity, sitting or laying down.


TENS Electric Stim Therapy Unit

  • A TENS may be used to help with many types of pain, chronic and short term, such as:

    • Arthritis or other joint pain
    • Spasms
    • Post Surgery to bring muscles back to full functionality
    • Back and neck pain
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Muscle pain
    • Neuropathic pain
    • Anywhere on the body
  • 12 modes (6 TENS, 6 EMS)

    2 outputs (both outputs are independent channels, allowing 2 separate massages and intensity)

    2 sets of gel pads (large and XL)

    Lithium battery

    2 year warranty


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