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Shopping Lists, Recipes, Cutting Edge Nutrition Tips and Much More!


This book is designed to help you put healthy, great-tasting meals together in five minutes or less by using foods that require little or no preparation. The recipes consist of fresh foods, leftovers, canned or frozen foods, take-out items and healthy herbs or sauces you have in your house. Just reheat  ‘em or put ‘em in a bowl to make a yummy, healthy meal!

In order to be successful, you’ll need to arm your home with healthy items, so I’ll provide you with shopping lists. Also, you’ll need some kitchen tools to make this “non-cooking” easy and stress-free and some healthy prepared sauces, herbs and seasonings to make your own quick and tasty sauces. Finally, you need to refrain from saying “I NEVER COOK”.


ISBN: 0-615-12437-2

The NO DIET Diet: Healthy Meals in 5 Minutes by Julie E Health - HARD COPY

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