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This is stretching, reinvented.

  • The StrechBall, Instruction guide and travel pump are included
  • StretchBall makes you feel like you did an hour of yoga, in just 5 minutes.
  • Get the deep relaxation of a massage anywhere, any time.
  • Roll for 5 minutes or roll for an hour…you will feel great instantly.
  • Relieve stress & tension. It's like a deep tissue massage – anytime, anywhere!
  • Unlike anything else you know – the ball conforms to the shape of your hips, back, chest, armpits, groins, glutes, everywhere – so every millimeter of your body can experience relief and relaxation. And the ball deflates. Travel with the pump and you can unwind after travel in just moments.
  • Improve sleep, circulation, energy, & digestion
  • Roll in the AM for more energy
  • Roll in the evening for deep, restful sleep
  • Roll your way to great health!
  • StretchBall folds up easily and is convenient  for travel!

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The StretchBall

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